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Powers, Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Reiga is considered the Azure Prodigy for the fact he can control and manipulate azure energy combined with a light aura. How he does it hasn't been shared.

He is considered to have a huge amount of potential, and is extremely valued member in the NOS. However his hate of fighting is evident in his combat, he doesn't have much combat expirience as of Season 1, and Reiga has yet to come to realization of his actual potential. In rare instances however, he gets a fierce streak and utilizes his power with incredible prowess earning him "lucky wins" as referred to by some. It takes many by surprise, and as of now it isn't known what triggers this sudden change. 

In combat Reiga is a classic mix of swordplay and energy manipulation making him a versatile combantant. His drive Azure Essence lets him summon and control powerful azure energy freely though once the gauge runs out he can no longer do so. Overdrive Divine Azure lets him use limitless Azure abilities in combos. He is lightweight and loves air combat as much as he does the ground. 

Azure Light and Crimson LightEdit

Reiga's twin blades, not much is known about them. They're often the subject of manipulating his azure.  

Appearance: Semi long and thin blades of an azure and crimson tint. The body of the swords glimmer with translucent light where the energy can be seen within; the tips are slightly curved. Their intricate pommels are white and have azure designs of runic style running along it from the grip down. 

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