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A Red Seithr Core is a code name of an experimental variety of the Seithr Core. Because they’re still fairly new in development, not much is known about them. They're named so because of their appearance. 


According to Akuhei, the experimental Red Cores are an imitation design of something else and cost quite a bit of souls to design, even though they're only an replication of the intended products.

It’s notable that the Red Cores radiate an energy that is in synchronization with the Azure Grimoire, supposedly drawing on the same force as the source of it though in far less refined quantity and quality. It has the ability to radiate seithr from its body, in highly dense levels. The core feeds on negative emotion like hatred and sorrow, and turns it into a corrupt power for itself.

In appearance Red Cores are an opaque metallic-black sphere with intricate crimson veins over its body. 



  • Red Seithr Core bare similar coloring to the Black Beast. 

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