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Birth Name: Rai Himmel
Alias: Twelfth Brave
Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin
Age: 31
Date of Birth: AD2208/03/15
Birthplace: Soavate Loft
Height: 5'9" ft
Blood type: O
Weapon: Ars Armagus - Metallic Sequencer
Rank: C
Personal Status
Relatives: Unnamed parents
Education: Homeschooled
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Braves
Simple Move List
Drive: Burst of Lightning
Timeline(s): King of Braves Timeline
Game(s): · Century's Aria
· Core's Will
· Calamity's Memory
Rai is a childhood friend and traveling partner of Blue Soavate throughout the duration of the Queen of Braves Trilogy. She is also the Twelfth Brave. She first appears in BlazBlue: Century's Aria.


Rai's parents were wandering Beastkin, who lost their home during the events of the Continuum Error. By AD2208, Rai's mother was already pregnant with her, so her father tried to find a suitable place for them to live. They eventually stumbled upon the Soavate Loft, and requested that they stay, because her mother needed to rest. Its two owners, Kiba and Vieral Soavate let them in, and within a month, Rai Himmel was born.

Because they couldn't just wander around anymore, because it wouldn't be good for their child, Rai's parents begged to stay there, which the two owners allowed. A house separate from the Soavate's own home was built for the Himmel family to live in. It was at this time that they found a birthmark in the shape of the Roman Numeral XII.

Eventually, the Yakuza family came into the picture, and Kiba allowed for them to live there as well, though they'll have to build their own home to live in. The Himmels allowed the Yakuzas to stay in their home until the separate one was done being built.

Special Story: 10 Years LaterEdit

Rai was three when Gale Wing XIV came to the Soavate Loft to check on the two and their daughter, Blue. Gale XIV found out about the two families living there, and told Kiba in secret that they were the Twelfth and Thirteenth Braves. Gale XIV shared this information to the two families, with them asking how he knew. It was through the birthmarks they both had, each in the shape of the Roman numerals of 12 and 13.

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