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The Abrupt Route is one of the various routes in the main route of Owari no Nai Konpeki: BlazBlue Chaos Aggressor. This route's color is a mix of red and blue

Route UnlockEdit

In order to play on this route, every optional character must be gotten, every match must be won with either Caru Aeter or Azif Ender, and the next to final match must be lost with Caru. During a dialogue choice with Arces, select "I won't give in!".


While Caru struggles to get back up, he yelled out that he wouldn't give in. Arces, feeling tempted, decided to break his spirit by killing Hikaru Koibito. Caru was then promptly used as the catalyst for universal entropy, first starting on Earth. The world became flooded in seithr, and every living being started to mutate into monstrous blobs, including the rest of Caru's group. Caru became like the monsters soon enough, but remained conscious to see the sky turn red and the landscape become barren and blackened. Meanwhile, up above their heads, Arces and The Collector watch the world go to hell, enjoying that their job here was done.