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Name: Orie
Gender: Female
Race: Rabbit Beastkin
Age: 23 (fateful element)
Height: 91 inches
Blood type: O-
Rank: C
Personal Status
Education: Police Academy of Mizuha
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Japanese Voice: Asami Imai
English Voice: Michelle Ruff
Orie is one of five secondary Protagonists in BlazBlue: Fateful Element. She is the first of the five that Matt meets in his training in Mizuha.

Information Edit

Fateful ElementEdit

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Material CollectionEdit

  • Hobbies: Brewing tea
  • Values: her work
  • Likes: Justice, recognition
  • Dislikes: Criminals, paperwork

Personality Edit

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Appearance Edit

Orie wears a black and blue Hierarchical Police Uniform, slightly reminiscent of the Jolting Sapphire NOL uniforms. She has a holster and a sheath at the sides of her belt for easy access to her sword and handgun.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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Musical Themes Edit

Stages Edit

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Titles Edit

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Trivia Edit

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