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“Sinful/Evil Stigma” are corrupt weapons that are designed to be utilized by those who are "Forces of Destruction" and were prototypes to an unknown endeavor. Who created them and how they were made isn’t known currently.

The Norai Stigma are weapons designed to be used by those who have a negative mind, utilizing Seithr which it then converts into a destructive energy harmful to life itself. They appear as normal weapons, with their true designs summoned from the other side by their wielders through an incantation of “breaking the gates of hell” making an intricate sigil while gaining access from a power beyond the gate to bring them into full existence in the world.

While their form is physical at first they are designs of nightmares, and not meant to be utilized by humanity as it easily consumes them as they become weapons of energized or massed seithr eventually. It is most common to see a Norai Stigma utilized by one who isn't bound by humanity.


Nothing is known about the Norai Stigma currently.

Significant Norai StigmaEdit

A Norai Stigma is personal to its wielder, so there are many seen, as they take form when its given to someone. However, there are those who have been owned by important characters.

Sinful Tempest: Iblisa and LilithelEdit

A pair of weapons, two riffles and a blade which seems to always be sheathed. Iblisa was revealed to be a recently created Norai Stigma, while Lilithel may have connection to the Third War.

Sinful Remnants: Asmodeun Edit

Zaezel's actual weapon—originally it took form of a blade of seithr with an organic look and violet edge. It was used to collect the energy of the 5th area into a harvest into the core of his weapon and also is a limiter to his actual form as a Nefas which consumed his human form at the end of Verse 1. It changed into a mass of seithr when it collected enough energy and was used to try and kill off the group opposing him, along with the area itself. However Nex thrwarted that when he devoured the Norai's power leaving Zaezel heavily injured internally, as the Norai Stigma are a part of their wielders. He still has his weapon and is recovering in Verse 2. 

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