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Noire T Mercury
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Name: Noire
Birth Name: Noire T Mercury
Gender: Female
Race: Half beastkin (Cat/Rabbit)
Age: Yet to be born
Height: 5'8" ft
Weight: 128 lbs
Blood type: AB
Weapon: The same metal as her mother

Twin Azure:

Rank: A
Personal Status
Relatives: · Koyoto: Father
Serenity: Mother
·Nine: Grandmother
·Jubei: Grandfather
·Celecia: Great Aunt
·Tomon: Brother
·Konoe C. Mercury: Sister
·Kokonoe: Aunt
Status: Yet to be born
Affiliation Status
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Material Information CollectionEdit

One of Koyoto and Serenity children, thought to be deceased after disappearing during a reconnaissance mission during the war


Noire stands at 5'8" and 128 pounds. She has short cropped blue hair and green eyes. She wears black clothes crossed with metallic armor. Under this she wears a tight black shirt and pants allowing her to sneak around much easier.


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Above Average strength and speedEdit

As with her siblings, Niore has enhanced strength, speed and reflexes from her beastkin parents


  • Tends to scare people whenever she's walking/sneaking at night due to her eyes seeming to glow 


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