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Gender: Female
Race: Human
Birthplace: Yamatsumi
Personal Status
Relatives: Rin (Daughter)

Karin (Daughter)
Josh (Nephew)
Kana (Niece)

Material Collection Information
Novel(s): A and K

Nicole is the mother of Rin and Karin.

A and KEdit

At some point during the Series, Nicole was kidnapped by Kon. Nicole would keep in contact with Mitch until his passing, due to Kon taking him out and using Rin as a scapegoat. Nicole would eventually be saved by HJ and Nick. Nicole would reunite with her daughter Rin and eventually Karin. Their home was shown, and she was revealed to be the aunt of Josh and Kana. Despite her attempts, after Josh and Kana's parents were killed, she tried to gain legal custody of them, of which she was not able to. She now stays at home with Saori, Rin, Josh, Kana, and Karin.


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