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Nicholas Showa
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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Personal Status
Status: Active
Nicholas is a lawyer. He specializes in cases where people have been falsely accused.


At some point before his first appearance in The Strands of Fate, Nicholas became Yukiko's lawyer. He defended her in court and proved her innocent of a crime that she had been accused of. He has also helped Akiko in her past.

The Strands of FateEdit

Nicholas first appeared greeting Miwa in her hospital room. He also said his hello and goodbye to Yukiko.


Nicholas is an enigma. He moves in mysterious ways, but does pull strings for people he cares for.


He generally stays to his investigative outfit. He wears a grey button-down shirt. He rolls the sleeves up to his arms. He wears black dress pants, though they're faded from being worn and washed too many times. He has a goatee that is coming in after being recently shaved. His scraggly black hair his hidden under a brown fedora.