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Nex's Theme

Revolution Sin ~Sinful Creation~

Until the end of days my path is paved in death
Hope torn from within,
I’m dead inside from your designs
Unforgiving hatred burns itself
Into my body, soul and mind
The Nightmare comes to life from within
Hate pushes me on and on feeding this “Sin”
People fear hate but to me its everything and all
Its what keeps me beyond strong!
I’m walking to sinful destiny
Woke to the cold
Left alone with nothing but this empty soul
Can’t put this future of demise on hold
Falling falling darker its breaking from within!
Spiraling nightmare
No one knows the truth of this sick reality
Raging deep from my soul
I’m holding on by thinning threads!
What I hope to be doesn’t matter
I’m a sinful creation!
Observed by a malevolent mind
Exist to carve the road
To truth of Damnation
Obliteration at the ends of this hellish creation!
A sinful creation!
Endless agony that’s left me cold
Rebel, I'm breaking it all!
Destroying it All!
Falling falling darker its breaking from within!
A hope as dark as this power
 I will never break my promise
I escaped the design
And this world I won’t forgive
I’ve abandoned my humanity
Don’t bother asking me why
You only waste my time
Couldn’t help me even if you tried
Defying this malediction
The darkness within makes me far too strong
To the point it consumes me
But I’ve held on too long
My unshakable resolve will pull me through it somehow
What I am to be doesn’t matter
I’m a sinful creation!
Observed by this malevolent mind
Plaything of an omnipotent evil eye,
Drag this world to “Truth” of Damnation,
Obliteration at the ends of this hateful all consuming revolution
I’m a sinful creation!
I exist as the nightmare,
Sinful creation of your world
Until the end of days!

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