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Combat and Power ProfileEdit

Nex is the most highly sought out individual for good reason, his power is incredibly chaotic, volatile, and capable of causing change—a force which many seek to control for their own means, and a force he counts on to destroy the NOS and this "World".

Its said that he paid an incredible price to awaken his power of azure as a force of destruction. However Nex is highly capable of combat in his own rights from training and self-taught tactics.

Combat TechniquesEdit

Nex has abilities beyond the norm such as increased speed, strength and endurance, these factor into his value which is easily that of an army or more. He's made quick work of countless with brutal power and impressive speed. However once Nex loses his advantage its difficult for him to recover against opponents that outwit him or remove his mobility options and keep him pinned down such as Akuhei.

In combat Nex uses Necros to slice apart his opposition with raw power. He is at home up close and personal with his opposition and at most distance he fights close or mid-range. Nex has limited options at long range aside spearheading a flurry of darkness from the ground or air in "Reaping Fang", and usually closes the gaps to gain his advantage again. He normally has to rely on overpowering opposition all together, as if he loses pressure on the enemy he'll find himself in trouble quickly, as seen in several scenarios.

Nex doesn't only rely on his blade, he's well versed in hand-to-hand combat, and uses several bone breaking kicks and punches. He can move faster then a normal man and wields his blade effortlessly utilizing his momentum gained in movement to give his attacks more velocity and in turn make them even deadlier.

Unique PowersEdit

Nex is a force of destruction, as is his azure which is a source of exotic destructive and malevolent dark power. The Grimoire, though not much is known currently, can be assumed to be the source behind his incredible source of negative energy and makes his “Power of Azure” strictly utilize these negative forces of energy which is capable of consuming and being utilized in a limitless manner but he instead often opts for a controlled and restrictive manner. He taps into it through the shells atop his hands, the more the shell is opened, the more energy he's utilizing.

This power is incredibly chaotic. It comes from his capabilities with this negative energy that his Azure manifests as “Darkness” in the forms and representations of serpentine monstrous beings, claws, etc. This energy is also channeled along his blade Necros in fact it becomes far stronger with it. He’s not limited to simply utilizing it with his blade either, his well versed style in close quarter combat allows him to empower his punches and kicks with this power as well. He’s capable of making his hands into claws, creating after trials of azure energy and encasing his strikes in auras of its power adding an extra kick of strength behind each blow. With enough focus he can even generate wings from seithr around him.

However he can only utilize it from his own azure. He is not able to absorb other forces to make himself stronger or otherwise normally, unless it is directly consumed in which case it does cause him to become more powerful depending on the source he consumes. So long as he has a source of negative energy and seithr around him this energy is limitless until Nex is exhausted in other means, physically or mentally.

His power becomes even stronger with the BlazBlue however Nex has yet to utilize it, so the effects it has on his power is unknown. Its well known that Nex rarely fights with his full potential, for his own reasons.

BlazBlue's, Seithr Conversion's and Soul Harvester's EffectsEdit

It was revealed that Soul Harvester is a unique part to Nex's BlazBlue, and an advanced "Soul Eater". Soul Harvester is used to gather the energy Nex needs to both develop his power and to access more of his Azure's destructive potentials. Without the Soul Harvester being used to gather the energy, Nex can't access the unique effects of his BlazBlue.

When under the influence of BlazBlue's power, Nex's destructive energy shoots through the roof as seen in the end of Verse 1. He is capable of making wicked manifestations of darkness that tear his enemy apart and sink into the soul itself eventually consuming them. Black and red tendrils and serpentine energy he'll often manipulate to harvest more energy. When Nex burns himself out in this state, he'll go into something called an "Soul Overheat". It is also possible for him to go into this state if he's consumed too much and needs to rest while he lets the grimoire convert collected soul energy and seithr into power.

Unknown Kind of BlazBlueEdit

At some point in his childhood, a design of BlazBlue was installed into Nex's entire body and even attached to his soul. Its been more of a curse then anything, but it is apparently the only way he can control the growing power of his Azure which awakened the same night. In an episode of Control Sequence Nex mentioned that his Azure's power is constantly increasing in power as it becomes "darker", this BlazBlue is his only method of controlling it.

The energy is exudes is far stronger then a normal BlazBlue, drawing its energy from an unknown source to empower Nex with endless negative force. Nex however only utilizes about a quarter of its energy at a time when activating it with his release code and has established limitations for it. Why he does this is unknown considering he has never had issues controlling his power before, but its full extent isn't known even to Nex as he has never gotten to that point of utilizing it. 

It isn't known exactly what form the grimoire has, but it can be seen as crystallized formations around Nex's shoulders that raise up to points like overlapped crystal spikes of darkness which on occasion generate red veins.

It intensifies his negativity like hatred, malice, resentment, etc. The only thing that keeps him in control of its immense power and keeps him from going on a wild rage is his will and resolve to destroy, which is so strong that it actually nullifies the negative effects the BlazBlue and in turn Azure would have on him and allows him to control it freely. 

  • Standard Release Code: Restriction 666 broken...Accessing Abysmal dimensional Boundary! On my Soul's Vow of Destruction...Gates beyond Hell, Open! Initializing Seithr Conversion, BlazBlue...Activate! 
  • Its capable of utilizing an advanced version of Soul Eater, called Soul Harvester. Soul Harvester gathers energy from around him and collects it into himself, typically resulting in the need to unleash the pent up energy in the form of the Grimoire's power.  

Unknown Weapon: Necros HighlanderEdit

Necros Highlander is a legendary weapon of incredible destructive potential that feeds off of dark energy and grows more powerful with its wielder's desire to destroy and bring harm. Demonic in nature, the sword truly suits Nex as a person currently. It has been owned by Nex for as long as he can remember, which is to say his entire life. Although the weapons true origins have yet to be shared. The sword is capable of many feats, through channeling Nex's Azure energy it can morph it around itself to extend the blade or produce forceful energy waves combined with the BlazBlue Nex uses. In this state it seems to be its strongest when in sync with his BlazBlue, but the sword's full extent isn't known. Necros grows in power alongside Nex. 

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