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All possibilities say I’m the Destroyer, “Azure 0”...but I believe being able to change things as an individual. As an individual, I’m Nex. As an individual, I don't wanna crush other's hopes, but I still won't choose to save the world.
―Nex in CTS

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Name: Nex - Azure 0
Alias: · Beast of Sin
· Destroyer (By various forces)
· Savior (Liberation Sector)
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Age: Biologically in his 20's
Chronologically unknown
Date of Birth: October 12th
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Blood type: B
Values: His Azure Locket
Likes: His memories with her
Ramen noodles
Dislikes: The World and its System Puppets
Being touched
People Crying
The Undead
Weapon: · Necros Highlander
· Azure Grimoire (Unknown kind, equipped with Soul Harvester)
Personal Status
Relatives: Imyo (Adoptive Caretaker, Deceased)
Education: Self taught
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Independent (Destructive Irregularity)
Previous Affiliation: Imyo's Mercenaries
Position: Phase Black SS-Rank Criminal
Partner: Legna Alucard (Guardian)
Sylar (Ally)
Myri Kukiyona (Protecting)
Previous Partner: Siegfried Schtauffen (Prior Imyo's Death)
Simple Move List
Drive: Altered Drive: Soul Reaper (From the Harvester)
Timeline(s): EvoBlaze (Series)
Anime(s): · Control Sequence

· Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence
· Control Sequence Origins
· Control Sequence: T-Teach me Nex!

First Appearance: Episode 1: Begin Sequence, Breakout Black
English Voice: Crispin Freeman [1]

Nex (ネックス, Nekkusu), also known as Nex - Azure 0 (ネックス- 青 0, Nekkusu Ao 0) and the Beast of Sin (罪の獣 Tsumi no Kemono, The Beast of Sins) is an individual who is a Phase-Black SS-class criminal and hunted for capture due to holding a destructive power over the Azure that will be reputedly responsible for bringing the destruction of the current world and its system the NOS maintains. However, his real intentions remain in the dark.

He is the main protagonist of Control Sequence in the EvoBlaze series.


Pre-Azure GrimoireEdit

He was a younger teenager who had shorter spiny hair but still of the same style, with a white sheen to it missing the now-present crimson accents caused by the Azure Grimoire. The attire was a sleeveless red shirt, open slightly at the chest with decorative seams. The shirt flowed into a raised collar that flowed into two thicker tails of cloth at the back held down by straps. 

His hands were covered only by black gloves and feet were bare. His pants thickened only a bit as they got lower, and were also black. Nex's eyes at the time were both a shade of green.

Around his neck is the black, metallic collar with a red pattern and in its center is a tablet that reads his name with a symbol below it. Many liken it to a slave collar, though why he wears it isn't known. According to Nex, the collar won't come off.

After he lost Yura, her locket was given to him and is around his neck, held by a chain of solid light, making it impossible to break or remove. The locket itself is a stunning, vibrant shade of azure and is metallic. Seemingly it resembles a heart, and many describe it as ethereal-looking.

Post-Azure Grimoire (Teenager)Edit

While with Imyo, he wasn't as solidly built as he is now and had something of a frail look for several years. Likely caused by the experimentation and Seithr implantation during the time he was in custody, his body was merged with heavily concentrated Seithr directly. He was quite a bit thinner and his skin lacked much natural color. Nex's hair took an unnatural appearance and gained its unique frayed and split spines. His eyes became two tones of red and blue.

Since his time as a child, he gained a large collar with a garment that sat snug on his neck with metal plating on its back and the tablet on the front with the symbol of his collar embedded on its face. His red shirt remained, and from the waist down he wore black pants that became only slightly thicker toward the ends and run into red shoes with a steel toe.

The levels of Seithr concentration in his body were so abnormally high that it began to alter his physical appearance. His arms were consumed by a living darkness of the Grimoire, represented by black braces that weave layered and sleek concentrations of black material which are as hard as diamond and could easily absorb blows. This strange material doesn't completely cover his arms as some skin can still be seen. Oftentimes they'll generate wire-like crimson veins, so it's assumed to be part of the Grimoire. It continues to the top of his shoulders raising up in a conjoined and hard construct of crystallized seithr. It doesn't seem to be completely organic or natural, as there are small lights that open up on the Grimoire's activation. The blackness would become mostly crimson when he used his Drive and abilities.

Two black shells are on his hands, Nicaiah implanted them to his hands along with inside the Seithr growth on his body to slow it down and keep it from reaching vital points like his heart, soul, and mind. 

As he became older, this sickly look gradually wore off as his body became accustomed to his alterations.

Current AdulthoodEdit

Nex is a sturdy built young adult with a constant glowering look on his face, and two-tone eyes of both crimson and azure. He has wild white hair, his bangs lay wild with sharp ends sit lower than his jaws to the sides but fray out. The top of his hair is blown back into thin and thick spiked yet frayed unnatural looking strands and his hairline ends to the nape of his neck. These strange strands are splattered with streaks of red highlights looking something akin to veins. The colors are permanently stained on the strands after he released his power over the Azure.

For his attire, he has a thick jet black sleeveless jacket that leaves his shoulders exposed. It has a set of long tails held down by smaller metal pieces and sit just bellow the raised collar of his coat on the back hanging down freely. At the end of the tails are small metallic attachments. He leaves the coat open and certain highlights of crimson can be seen throughout, looking like an intricate pattern of sharp, thin designs. The lining of the coat is a deep red. In length, the coat itself runs down to his hips opening up at the sides splitting behind him to run a bit further down to his calves with the bottom fabrics of his jacket being worn and torn. Dappled across the surface of the jacket is light-weight crimson alloy pieces on the shoulders, back, and the bottoms of the coat with etched in designs similar to the tablet on his collar. 

Underneath the coat he has a red shirt on with black seams, it's also sleeveless and leaves a small portion of his body exposed just beneath his shoulders, with the ends of his shirt hanging down a bit. A single belt wraps around diagonally just above his hips and features their own set of small metal pieces. Nex's pants are thick with shades of black and are slightly worn leading into steel-toed black shoes with diamond-shaped steel layered at the tops.

His arms are where the BlazBlue seems to of attached to his damaged body when he was younger, having cut into his flesh in order to graft in and become part of him. At the tops of his hands is the spherical shell where the brace ends and where his thick black combat gloves wrap his hands.

He still retains the locket he's had ever since he was younger.

Depending on how much he relies on his Azure, bits of his skin will become metallic black with occasional red veins pulsating throughout. 

Azure Grimoire AwakenedEdit

When Nex awakens his Azure Grimoire the Seithr on his body concentrates from the gathered energy and power within his body, it results in his appearance taking a drastic shift as he fuses within his Azure directly and it weaves into constructs along his body.

His hair frays further, and his eyes become deep crimson slits inside of black sclera and the energy bleeds into his attire as well, assimilating it in design. Coating his arms are layers of Seithr glowing within with faint blue and crimson hues, with his hands becoming large crimson claws. The same scarlet veins pattern his body at times, most prominently up his neck and near his eyes. 

Nex appears to be able to reverse the effects, even after the high concentration of Seithr altering him, and his attire returns to normal as well once the Grimoire deactivates. 


As a Child/TeenagerEdit

While knowing Yura, Nex displayed kindness and a more gentle side, he had an apparent fondness and appreciation of all life - something she taught him.

Upon losing her, Nex became quiet and apprehensive of everyone around him. He already was highly distrusting of other people and grew to dislike most people along with the artificial beings known as the AIP, being afraid of them capturing him and he'd begun to resort to violence. This violence and anger only grew while in captivity of the NOS, until he'd be rescued and travel with Imyo who managed to bring about a more human and trusting side to the boy. Although he was awkward in social situations and lacked understanding of basic things, Nex managed to have friends and he opened himself up later on as time went by, becoming accepting of those around him and working together toward a mutual goal.

He'd been introduced to caring for another individual when meeting Siegfried toward the end of his teenage years.

A downside to his persona was that while he was courageous in nature, he also greatly feared those in the government and tended to have a lack of concern to his responsibilities. Nex also still had issues controlling his hate, even as he became older and more aware.

As an Adult Edit

While with Imyo and fresh into adulthood, he still harbored some amount of undiscriminating hate and anger. Even so, he wasn't outwardly cruel to others and he was capable of interaction, albeit he was quite rude and dismissive.

When Imyo died years into their time as a near family, Nex struggled to keep his head clear. All of Nex's fear as a young teenager he turned to fuel his hate, his sorrow became malice toward those he despised, the anguish he felt he would lock deep inside of his soul where he refused to ever acknowledge or give in to "Despair". Hiding any and all weakness he solidified himself as one who had nothing more to lose.

Currently driven and embittered by undiscriminating anger and hatred from an undying source, Nex is callous, blunt and extremely aggressive in nature. He bares a barbed, vulgar tongue, and doesn't seem to care about the world around him. However he's also been completely stone-cold emotionless at times, he is seemingly numb to pain, as the scars left from his past have hardened him beyond comprehension to the point it seems like he's incapable of feeling compassion for any. Along with this, Nex lacks many soft sides, simply because he sees no reason to show it. He is every bit as rough and gruff on the interior as the exterior with a heart as dark as his power which makes approaching him near impossible. He stands alone most often and keeps his doors shut to anyone. 

Nex's rebellious persona makes him fearless and self-empowered, with a high value of his choice and will. He is able to resist most influences of others to try and break his spirit as seen multiple times with antagonists like Akuhei. His yearn for freedom is apparent, and it's something he continues to struggle for.

He is influential to others beyond his notice, some of which being Kiryos and Sylar, while others are influential to him. Despite this, he won't insert himself between what most others are fighting for, wanting them to make their own choices.

In more positive senses, his hidden and protective persona has caused him to be -in rare cases- selfless to the pain he receives to ensure others don't suffer. Nex can't stand to see someone suffer in front of him, nor can he stand to see someone's despair or sorrow and he hates feeling the weights of it on his soul. He's been seen apologizing to Miwa, and admitting he's lied about not caring about certain people to others.

It's partly the influences of the BlazBlue that's in him that detaches him, making him hate everything and everyone, as Akuhei has hinted it being impossible for him to like anything in the world while being able to continue existence as he does now.

At his worst, he can be; cruel, cold, confrontational, clouded, dejected, malicious, hateful, spiteful, distrusting, uncaring, vicious, unforgiving, and destructive. 

His hate and anger can, and has, gotten the better of him and is one of his more self-harming qualities. He has extreme distrust to those around him. Nex isn't exactly the best at handling arguments with certain people. Or keeping a level head around someone he despises. He doesn't care about himself so long as he's in control of his actions, which causes him to push himself beyond his limits several times. 

While Nex is excellent at avoiding outer forces of influence, he has a difficult time ignoring that of his own inner influences and temptations he falls prey to. When it comes to making choices, he'll often make the wrong one if something he cares for is on the line. His die-hard never-give-in nature is a double-edged sword and will often get him into trouble with forces far stronger than himself.

He won't even try to call himself human, as he mentioned his humanity died long ago. He has an apparent self-acceptance with what he does, refusing to be slowed by morality and isn't bothered to be called "evil". The man doesn't sugarcoat anything, preferring to be blunt, to the point it could be considered harsh and hurtful. He is known to ignore other's problems and refuses to let himself actually ever admit he cares about anyone or anything. 

Nex can not deal with "Failure" or the "Loss" of something, it's one of his deepest fears and something that will shatter his confidence and send him into a desperate rage. He can't handle having issues on his conscience, and it seems to burden him heavily most likely due to the Azure's connection to many souls. But what Nex seems to fear most is his loss of self-identity as he struggles with the Azure Grimoire multiple times from temptation and desires. 


Warning: There are spoilers for character history in this section

Origins (Rebellions Sequence Arc 1) Edit

Character Template

Nex knows little about himself and he isn't one to talk about his past by any means. He's one who's always had power over the Azure, as it was a part of him—though it remained dormant throughout his childhood so Nex never even had knowledge of it.

His hate of the Government seems to be from the fact he lived a tranquil life with a girl named Yura, but somehow this was broken apart. Nex now suffers multiple nightmares and unreliable memories within this time period as a teenager often resulting in the girl perishing beyond his control. The locket around his neck was previously hers and is the reminder of the memories of that past life. He also seemed to hear the 'Voice' of the Azure Grimoire or the entity of its power ever since he was young.

Nex has inclined he was experimented on in the past. His origin story reveals that he was in a city that was the target of some sort of disaster, and he woke up seemingly unaware of what was going on. It gave an insight of his likely true reason to despise the Azure Interface Prime Field, as they invaded the previous life he had with Yura and then appeared once more to hunt him down after he woke up. Nex's goals were always to locate the means to awaken the Azure's power or find it. Nex also went to the NOS itself at one point, meeting some of its lesser known members along with a man called Corvus.

Awakening the AzureEdit

Eventually, however, he was to be taken into a family in a city the Liberation Sector owns and searched for the Azure during that time while spending his brief time with the family.

Nex did eventually locate a Gate alongside that boy named Niko, where he'd finally awaken his Azure. But, the awakening turned into a terrible incident. A young Nex was assaulted by a Type 4 who was commanded by unknown individuals and for presently unclear reasons to him. Heavily injured, Nex's body became useless to him from the AIP's assault and he bled out until falling unconscious. During that time he'd been exposed to the Boundary via the resuscitated gate and suffered, enough to where he wished to die and believed he had. However, Nex would soon wake up after witnessing a crimson darkness of unholy power radiate from his newly awakened azure, only to find that parts of his body had become pitch as night, and a supernatural mass of darkness and Seithr had grafted onto him.

Moments after the two governmental forces of the NOS and LS arrive and engage in a bloody clash in a hurry to obtain the Azure. The mortified Nex hides away within one of the buildings and remains there for several hours listening to the conflict as he hopes to stay away from the two. A man approaches him, speaking as though he knew Nex and the power he obtained, it isn't long until the boy passed out from exhaustion, shortly after the man mentioned his body was getting accustomed to its changes.

He managed to regain his strength and woke to the war zone of the two governmental forces. With the entire west public sector vacant and in ruin with Seithr everywhere, Nex searched for his friend in the rubble. Niko unfortunately, had perished in the events hours ago. A despairing Nex would be located short after and taken into custody.


Imyo and Koyoto would raid a sector situated between Naobi and the Ruined Ikaruga region where Nex supposedly was located and being researched.

Time with Imyo (Rebellion Sequence Arc 2)Edit

Later, Imyo destroyed the sector he was confined in and found Nex, taking him as his own. However, the boy had taken a drastic shift in mentality as he grew cold and hateful of people. Imyo claimed the boy to be important and believed in him as the one who could change this world. Nex didn't seem interested at first. Over time Imyo managed to soften him and worked to teach Nex how to control his power which the individuals had been making him harness deeply.

In training exercises, Imyo first notices how well versed he was in combat, although it lacked refinement. As Imyo protected the boy, they developed a Father-son relationship and Imyo became the one person who Nex trusted again. It'd remain a duo for some time as most of Imyo's allies refused to have anything to do with Nex due to what he was. Nonetheless, the cat Beastkin maintained faith in the boy and worked to get him away from harm. Even after many struggles with varying individuals—including Yami Akuhei—he'd choose to stay with Imyo when they finally arrived at the Beastkin's residence. 

In the outside region where Imyo stayed he called an Independent Zone, Nex was housed at his own residence from the Third War of Armagus. He met Siegfried who Imyo came to look after, and Nex became something of a guardian for him when Imyo was absent. The two apparently always had a rivalry, but Siegfried did depend on Nex ultimately, and he did his best to be there for him, the two having shared their own dangers and working together to overcome them built Nex's trust in others again. They apparently knew of the Azure Sin Subject already thanks to their mishaps and getting into places they shouldn't be.

Over the years he was refined in his capability with his power and taught to hold his emotions back and instead control them. It was here that Nex learned of Imyo’s true intentions of keeping the two here to eventually go against the government after explaining to them several confidential matters most of the world had yet to come to grips with. Nex then agreed to help in fighting the Government if he promised they’d do so together, Imyo agreed. 

After their training finished, Nex was supposed to go with Imyo to meet the individuals and a plot a revolution where they could work toward that goal. However, unfortunately, Nex would never get to. The government closed in on their location somehow and caught on, resulting in Nex losing everything he'd gained over those years in a single night with both Siegfried being taken by the NOS and Imyo perishing at their hands.

Gold-eyed WatcherEdit

Nex seemed to lose all his motivation to continue after that and wandered for months unsure of what to do anymore. When pursuits of the government became too much for him, and his fate quickly taking its toll as he was forced to kill in this new lifestyle he wanted to give up. The pain to reach where he 'needed to be' wasn't worth it to him.

The instant he uttered the words about to give up, a woman named Legna Alucard revealed herself to him and scolded him severely for even thinking about giving up. She mentioned she'd been watching over his progress his entire life though never once could intervene and instead was behind most of the people that came into his life.

She asked him to fight her, and Nex didn't wish to, saying he was going to go back to look for the things he lost saying he didn't have any power to stop it. Legna mentioned that there was nothing left and Nex knew that already—she insults him and mentioned that she'd end his life if he didn't fight for it. Nex loses the fight and doesn't even try to convince her to let him live, he awaits the strike that'd end him. But, rather than kill him, Legna instead gave a long talk of what she had seen happen to the world speaking of the Corrosion, the NOS's power, and several other topics, and that Nex himself had forgotten it. He buried it in his pain and refused to suffer or walk his road with the Azure's power that came from him because he inside already knew what he needed to do.

A deep conversation reminded Nex of why he fought, to begin with, and the girl who he felt he'd known somewhere before beyond time's understanding tells him she's outside of this system, someone called an Observer. Nex knew Observers were pretty much lost to his world, due to the NOS having no need of them. Legna explained those with power like his were destined to walk roads of rebellion, but this time, it wasn't just against fate, but against man's own personal created hell who stole the instrument of fate for themselves.

She pulled Nex out of his stupor as he recalls the 'Truth' of the world. What was truly happening to the world, and its true state and the souls in it—what the Government was doing by hiding everything in lies of its system and how mankind was fighting a battle that would ultimately be lost beyond any's control. Nex remembers he's supposed to destroy the government's system and he'd have to take the steps to bring that change no one else could but also somehow avoid the world corroding away.

Remembering that evil is needed to fight a greater evil by Legna's words, he then questions the Observer's choice to help him if she already knows what his fate is, being the Enemy of the World and its Destroyer. Legna mentions it was a connection spanned between the Azure and she chose to believe in his possibility he wants for himself. Over so many loses Nex drifted from the truth he believes in as well, nearly abandoning everything, she says it was this belief in him by someone that holds him together and Legna asks him never to forget it or give up on it since his existence is not just his own.

Renewed somewhat now, he comes to acceptance of the road, despite knowing the pain he'd go through.

Legna suggested he go look for the truths scattered in the world and Nex says his goal is to destroy the world and he wouldn’t let the world collapse or destroy itself before he did it himself. Nex then leaves to target the Gates and find the true ones along with finding more on the project notes Imyo left to him which he related to a group in the past during the Third war of Armagus.

Destroyer's Red OmenEdit

Nex headed to a NOS owned city in order to attempt to destroy a government project linked to a situation in the world.

Post-Rebellion SequenceEdit

After he came back from some years of preparation, he met others like Sylar but chose to be alone once more as he prepared to go to the city that Legna mentioned would contain more information about what he was after. He said he’d destroy the origins of ‘it’ before the rest could even come to be reality thus destroying the chance for what collapses the world's existence. He doesn’t specify what he’s talking about, however.

Storyline InformationEdit

Other AppearancesEdit

Distorted SequenceEdit

Main article: Nex/Distorted Sequence





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