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Warning: There are spoilers for Control Sequence in this section.

All characters who have some kind of relationship, influence or tie to Myri.




Lazarith is Myri's guardian, he raised her as a part of his life and Myri has a fondness and respect of him.

Miwa SuzukiEdit

Lukain NecarosEdit

Lukain tried to get the girl to use her abilities to quell Nex's Azure and is the one who issued the orders for her to be brought back to the Novus Orbis Sequentia. He expresses knowledge of her parents and the past situations surrounding her, hinting that there's a larger connection. Myri herself seems a bit to fearful though to confront him about it currently.

Yami AkuheiEdit


Siegfried SchtauffenEdit

Yumiko NanayaEdit

Reiga SorairoEdit

Akari "δ Four"Edit

Kiryos HikamigawaEdit

Mujihi Mazio and BitokuEdit

Legna AlucardEdit

Legna is the one who asks Nex to help Myri, and insists he protects her but whatever connection or reason behind it hasn't been explored, but Legna clearly has a certain amount of faith in Myri. Myri is respectful of Legna and very trusting, often questioning her about Nex.

Valetha DeumosEdit



Koyoto C MercuryEdit

Komyo AmateraEdit

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