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Name: Mujihi
Gender: Male
Race: Fox beastkin
Age: 20
Height: ???
Blood type: O
Weapon: unknown armagus, chaotic element
Personal Status
Material Collection Information
Move List
Recruit Requirement: AG; Scenario 17 (Requires Matt in the party to recruit) CTS; scenario 4
Game(s): BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence
Japanese Voice: Shunsuke Sakuya
English Voice: Yuri Lowenthal

Mujihi is a recruit-able character in BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence and a central character to the Control Sequence plotline

Basic InformationEdit

  • Base Stat Growths:
    • Strength: B+ (+3.5 on level up)
    • Heat: B (+3 on level up)
    • Speed: A (+5 on level up)
    • Defense: C (+2 on level up)
  • Base HP: 2500 (+25 per level up)
  • Base Heat: 425 (+25 per level up)
  • Misc:
    • Affinity: Elemental
    • Base Level: 20
    • Weakness: dark based attacks and azure counters
    • Range: Close Range to far range


  • Demonic Twister: Mujihi quickly does a few swift kicks, dealing physical damage and leaving the opponent 2 squares from him in knockback
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Team DistortionsEdit

  • Intertwined Elements: (Note; requires Matt in the party) Matt and Mujihi begin the attack by striking the targeted enemies, interchanging between eachother in a quick combo, before Mujihi blasts them away with a pointblank blast, Matt then chasing them then using a two hit flip kick to launch them, the two then using combined elemental powers to create a spiral of electricity to send the opponent flying.
  • Red Thunder Ice Cave: (Note; requires Bitoku in the party) TBA


  • ???: to be written
    • Base Skill.
  • ???: to be written
    • Base Skill.
  • ???: to be written
  • ???: to be written
  • ???: to be written.
  • ???: to be added

Detailed TraitsEdit

Unique Traits to MujihiEdit

  • Childlike Ambition: When Nex is on the field, Mujihi's stats raise by 5%
  • Protective Leader: Any ally who is adjacent to Mujihi will switch places when the ally is about to suffer a mortal blow
  • ???: to be added
  • ???: to be added

General TraitsEdit

  • Commanding Presence - All allies adjacent to Mujihi gain a random 10% stat boost each turn
  • Antagonistic Soul - To Fasado. He'll gain a single stat boost in the beginning of the scenario, and when either rival attacks him he'll gain soul break. When he's close to defeat and Fasado is nearby he'll gain a large stat boost. (This applies to both arch enemies on the board as well, in his case)
  • Skilled combat artist: physical based attacks do more damage than usual
  • Marksman: Mujihi is skilled in ranged combat, so ranged attacks will do more damage



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