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Gender: Male
Race: Beastkin (Dog, Dalmatian Breed)
Birthplace: Yamatsumi
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Personal Status
Relatives: Shigure (Younger Sister)

Unnamed Siblings

Status: Inactive (Deceased)
Material Collection Information
Novel(s): A and K

Mitch was the bartender and owner of the place that Kei would frequent for drinks.


Sometime before the start of A and K, Mitch served together with Kei in an unnamed war. The two were close enough that they knew much about each other to the point where there were no secrets between them. Sometime after the war, Mitch went on to work at a bar and earned his bartender's license. When the previous owner died, the bar was handed down to him. Kei often came in and would have drinks. Mitch was known to take great care of his younger sister Shigure, of whom both Kei and Mitch enjoyed the company of as children. Mitch had Kei promise that he would not make a move on his younger sister unless Mitch gave him his approval first. Mitch also had a good friendship with Lexi, as Shigure made mention that they could carry on a conversation for hours and still not run out of things to talk about. Shigure, Mitch, and Kei at some point before the Novel went on a camping trip. It was explained that Mitch was not an adequate fisherman, and that he preferred being full over being insulted. About six months before the novel's beginning, Mitch learned of Mrs. Nicole Arai, who became a new business acquaintance. Shortly after, it is believed that Nicole was kidnapped. Her purpose in calling Mitch is not yet known, however it is to be believed that she called Mitch at least once every two weeks to inform him of a change in location, as Nick discovered.

A and KEdit

Mitch's first and only appearance thus far in the series has been in the first chapter, in which Mitch served Kei a drink and was exasperated at the loss of a table in which he'd have to order a new one after Kei broke it in a scuffle. Kei found out about him having been killed after seeing the state of his bar and the police cops finding his body. Kei promised to take care of Shigure in his place. Nick believes that his death was caused by his interference with the kidnapping of Nicole Arai. Nick is actively pursuing the case, claiming that he'd finish what Mitch started.


Not much is known about Mitch's personality. He is shown to be loyal, adamant, trustworthy and friendly to those he knows. Mitch was quiet and methodical, even during the scuffle between Kei and the two beastkins, Mitch did not bother to get in the middle of it. Mitch did, however, tell Kei he would have to pay for the table he'd broke.


Mitch was shown to be wearing the typical bartender outfit. This consisted of black pants, shoes and black vest over a white collared shirt. His hair and eyes were both brown, and his ears and tail were both dalmatian spotted.


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