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Lupo Sanguinolento: Belial

Owner: Arcius
Name: Lupo Sanguinolento: Belial
Kanji: 餓狼=ベリアル
Rōmaji: Garou: Belial
Translation: Bloodthirsty Wolf: Belial (LA)
Hungry Wolf: Belial (JP)
Form: Gauntlet and double-bladed naginata
Energy Source: Seithr
Type: Nex Exitium

Lupo Sanguinolento: Belial is a Nex Exitium that belongs to the Blood Reaver Arcius, one of the Sequence Destroyers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In addition to the ability to erase existence, Belial allows the wielder to manipulate blood in any shape. For example, Arcius can use blood to shape it into weapons and tools of warfare, while also being able to manipulate every being that has blood flowing in their veins by affecting their brain and internal organs to a lethal extent. The gauntlet also stores a supply of blood, absorbing it through a system of microtubes and releasing it when necessary.

The gauntlet is considered nigh-undestructible, so it can be used to block incoming blows and absorb the impact. It also amplifies the wielder's physical strength.


Combat form

Belial is a composite Nex Exitium. It consist of a double-bladed naginata and a gauntlet. The naginata is made of a powerful alloy that possesses shock absoring qualities, and it has mircotubes in its blades, allowing Arcius to collect blood without using the gauntlet. Several symbols are carved into its body, glowing red when the weapon is full of blood.

The other part is a sleek crimson gauntlet than extends to the elbow, made of a special alloy that is harder than diamond, thus it's perfectly suited for blocking attacks and delivering bone-crushing blows. The system of mircotubes is more advanced that in the naginata, so that Arcius can release the blood at will. The fingers end in sharp talons. There are two cavities on the wrist that release syringe-shaped blades that are hollow inside, allowing for faster absorption. The sheen of the gauntlet signifies the quantity of blood inside it.

Standby form

While the naginata remains unchanged, the gauntlet takes the shape of a crimson bracer.