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Lola has had trouble with a curse.


Lola is a treasure-hunter. She travels to exotic places in search of rich treasures. However, because of a certain treasure expedition, she has found herself the bearer of a curse. Because of this, she is usually in the form of a ten-year-old girl. Every once in a while, she is able to return to her twenty-year old self. However, this can be fleeting.

As Ten-Year Old LolaEdit

When she is ten, she is much like a child. She falls asleep early, has a lot of energy when awake, and has trouble staying focused. She tends to have her hair in dual ponytails to the sides of her head. She is easily distracted and hates waking up in the morning. As a Ten-Year old, she has no memories of her twenty-year old self.

As Twenty-Year Old LolaEdit

When she's twenty, she can remember the things that happened when she was a ten-year old. During this time, she is usually searching for a way to lift the curse. In her adult form, she has the knowledge of several martial arts and usually uses knives for her weapons.


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