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Liberation Sector

Faction Information
Type: Private Government outside the NOS authority
Branches: Several
Subdivisions: Sector 51
Sector 0
Organizational & Historical Information
Size: Within Independent Cities in the Yurisa Region
Notable Member(s): Nicaiah Metake
Heirarch o the Azure
Status: Active
Anime(s): Control Sequence

The Liberation Sector is a governmental power in Control Sequence. It is the only remaining form of resistance against the Novus Orbis Sequentia from the remains of the Rogue Sectors led by the Forsaken Ten.

In similar vein to how Nex is the enemy of the NOS, the Liberation Sector has their own personal enemy in the way of Sylar who made a career out of sabotaging their work and bases for unknown reasons.


The Liberation Sector is the second government in Control Sequence. The Liberation Sector is run by the Hierarchy of the 51st Sector, which is the most influential force within its cities of the Yurisa Region consisting of mainly the outside regions its managed to keep under control from the imperial force of the NOS.

History and FormationEdit

The Liberation Sector was inspired by the Forsaken Ten and Sector 7, all of which were part of the past Rogue Sectors that fought against the NOS in the Third War for a cause of freedom and desire to keep order balanced. Despite their ultimate loss, one sector remained that one of the leaders of the Forsaken Ten decided to keep alive and called it the Liberation Sector. Despite all efforts to stop war that the Rogue Sectors made, most of the Liberation Sector wanted to continue their fight, but questionable morality began to seep into their mentality.

History would repeat itself as another conflict inevitably occurred when the two began to intrude on one another's advancements and researches eventually putting the world into another state of war.

At some point after the war, there was a large argument over this sudden shift in the morality of its Sectors which had begun to become desperate and quickly lost hope after their losses. Any belief of the Azure's power aiding them was nearly gone. One of the leaders grew impatient and turned to new methods of their own to steer the Liberation Sector in new directions inspired by individuals who would soon make up the 51st Sector. Quickly they struck back with new power and the war steadily grew to a stalemate of agony for both sides.

At this time, Morkuv Torayuki of the former Forsaken Ten decided to split off from the Liberation Sector in his disagreement and stepped down from being one of the leaders. He passed the military sector, the 0th Sector to Nicaiah Metake and left shortly after. His death was the final nail in the coffin of the sector’s old cause and ways.

Structure and BeliefsEdit


The 51st Sector "Black Crusaders"Edit

The 0th SectorEdit

Red ThunderEdit


0th SectorEdit

51st SectorEdit

  • Abel - Unknown member of the 51st Sector
  • Midnigha - Under watch of the 51st Sector
  • ??? - Leader of the 51st Sector


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