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One half of fraternal twins, Liam Yoshida is the proprietor and owner of the Yoshida Detective Agency.


When Liam and his fraternal twin sister, Sophia were sixteen they joined their local police unit in hopes of making a difference. Assigned to mostly small cases because of their age, Liam and Sophia decided to use their powers that they had kept secret on the behest of their parents, feeling they were old enough to make their own decisions. The two together cracked a case that was deemed unsolvable and proved their findings. This caught the attention of HJ, who approached the two of them to become their own special unit only under himself and Ame. The two accepted and they opened the Yoshida Detective Agency in Ibukido.

By HimselfEdit

With his power, Liam has the ability to determine whether someone is lying or not. When its in use, his left eye's iris turns purple, from its original blue. He also has the power to separate from his shadow, he uses this to get close without physically getting in harm's way during cases.

With SophiaEdit

When Sophia and Liam use their powers together, they have the power to manipulate gravity, however, this takes complete focus from both of them, as a lack of focus can cause bizarre circumstances. They can also manipulate time, but again, it takes complete focus. They use it to slow time more than to make time go faster, so they can keep working hard on a case with more time to think. The powers work only if the two are in direct contact, if the two are not, the powers do not work.


Liam, more interested in being a detective, looks like 'a hardboiled detective' from the older days. He wears a white button-down collared shirt, black dress pants, black shoes, and brown suspenders where his holster is for his gun. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and is skinny.


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