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General QuotesEdit

Sorry, but my presence here is not to help determine a victor in this war for either the rebellion or the governing body. I am here of my own accord.

V3 - General QuotesEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

If nothing short of fighting will persuade you, then so be it.

I have little time to deal with you, come at me now, or leave me be.

Round WinEdit

For your own sake, please stay down.

I have little time for shenanigans.

Match WinEdit

If you are sated, I shall be on my way.

Be gone.

V3 - Versus NexEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

This is purely for our own enjoyment. Now, give me all you have and hold nothing back!

I don't care about your bounty. I have no intention of capturing you. Just fight me with all you have.

Round WinEdit

I know you have more in you. I can feel it.

So this is your power? Magnificent...

Match WinEdit

I am victorious this day, but I am sure it is because luck was in my corner this day.

I hope we can spar again, if you will have me.

Arcade WinEdit

Fate smiles upon me this day, Nex. But I hope this is not the last opportunity we have to cross blades. Let us continue to get stronger.

V3 - Versus MiwaEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

I have no interest in fighting you.

Please Reconsider.

Round WinEdit

I do not wish to continue.

Your power...

Match WinEdit

This is the power of the Alicea Family, I do not wish to use it again like this.

You have much to learn...

Arcade WinEdit

There is much about you I do not understand. But something about you, I hope you can find peace amongst a world of chaos.

V3 - Versus AkuheiEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

Surely we can talk like civilized people. Or are you so eager to fight?

An odd air about you. But that's to be expected of people from the government...

Round WinEdit

Now can we quit this useless squabbling?

To think my power is on par with yours...

Match WinEdit

The Alicea Family is doing just fine without your government intervention. We can handle ourselves.

If your business is done, why don't you go on your way?

Arcade WinEdit

We have remained neutral and we have stayed out of this war. Do not drag us into your petty arguments. The Alicea Family will remain as strong as ever.

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