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In CombatEdit

Having been trained by the Council Templar, Lazarith is a highly accomplished fighter. He makes natural movement each move and makes transitions into another as he uses his entire body in fluent motion. In combat, Lazarith uses a mix of his scythe and wings. The strikes he makes aren't normally that powerful unless charged- but are exceptionally quick. Lazarith tends to move with a float-like advance, allowing him to weave around attacks.

He has great aptitude for ars, which he utilizes in the form his drive of a cold light that shrouds his wings and scythe.

Heaven's Twilight (Scythe) Edit

Lazarith uses his scythe as a form of positioning and movement, its particularly good for ranged and anti-air combat. He makes over-head and under-hand swings with it, flips and twists while he brings the head of the blade all over the ground around him, and above him. In close range he can use the wing-like ornament on the end to bludgeon a foe with but it isn't particularly effective at close range. It's far more effective for him to use his wings or feet in close range situations but makes for excellent mixup to draw his foe in with the scythe and suddenly swap to his wings.

His scythe is at its strongest when he's channeling the energy of his own body through it which generates a cold, kind of unnatural light around its edge. It's unknown what the energy does however. 


A special type of Ars and seithr his teacher had him refine allows Lazarith to transform his wings into weapons temporarily, in a material of solid shards of strange light to make them into 'blades' not too unlike his scythe. This cold encasement of pure energy can be used as projectiles to harm and cut up his foe, or as extra blades to his scythe to add length or empower the drive. The wings are excellent for close range combat, but aren't particularly as powerful as his scythe.

Doing any of this means he can't use his wings for combat until the projectiles come back as they make up the 'body' of the weapon of his wings. When Lazarith doesn't have enough energy to make them, his wings are only their base form and lose a lot of their damage capability.

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