Fights in Control SequenceEdit

Fight Number Fight Against Episode Location Win/Lose
01 Nex Episode 4 Lower level Alleyway Lost
Fight Number Fight Against Episode Location Win/Lose
02 Byakai Torayuki Episode 8 Outside Rau's Residence Was Interrupted
  • Tally:
    • Wins: 0
    • Losses: 1
    • Special Circumstances: 1

Musical ThemesEdit

Title Description
Reaping Cold

~Wolf's Lament~

Kiryos' theme (Verse 1)
The Wolf Unchained Kiryos' theme (Verse 2 onwards)
Birds of a Feather Vs Reiga Sorairo
Melancholy of Regret VS ??? (Verse 3)


  • His name means "cold" in Greek, with an extra "i" added, while Hikamigawa means "ice river".

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