Verse 1Edit

Kiryos is affiliated with the NOS in Verse 1, but he acts as a solo agent.

NOS "Sequence"Edit

Kiryos is a part of the nobility within the NOS, thus he is expected to be a model for the others, but this responsibility takes its toll on him, thus he prefers to be alone, away from the noise.

Due to his harsh treatment, Kiryos does not like the NOS much, but keeps following his orders so that they wouldn't come for anyone close to him. All the same, he compares himself to a chained wolf, who obeys his master just to live another day.

To many Sequees Kiryos comes as a somewhat heroic figure, making them follow his example. But the assassin does not want to have business with anyone who doesn't deserve it. However, he shows concern to his friends, while pretending to be aloof and uncaring.

Liberation Sector ZeroEdit

Kiryos does not have any prejudices towards the LSZ, preferring not to pay attention to their exploits. However, if one of their leaders becomes his target, he will not stop until he gets his mission done.

Verse 2Edit


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