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Birth Name: Kin
Gender: Female
Race: Dog (Beastkin)
Age: 15
Weapon: Sword
Rank: A
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
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Kin has been with Hideki as his understudy.


Kin is a dachsund breed. Growing up, she trained in ninja arts. Because of this, she is fast, agile, and sneaky. At some point before the series, her father passed on leaving the remainder of the Ninja Dogs to her. Having been a part of the unit ever since she grew up, the group took no exception and increased her training so she could become stronger then her father. About a month before the Beastkin Uprising saga, Hideki approached her and her unit in order of recruiting them in hopes of bringing down the human race for what they had done. Believing him to be trustworthy, Kin agreed, and the Ninja Dogs became part of Hideki's beastkin army. Since then, Kin has always been seen besides Hideki as his right-hand woman. It is said that when she is serious, her eyes could cut you in fifty different ways.


Kin, because of her training, is rigid and stubborn. She works hard at everything and does not tolerate slacking. The only 'family' she considers she has is the 'Ninja Dogs' ever since her father passed. To that end, she is loyal and trustworthy. There were rumblings that Kin's happy nature was bottled up after her father's passing, and she became overly serious, there are some within the Ninja Dogs that miss her happy attitude.


Besides her brown ears and small tail, Kin has brown hair. Despite being young, she is well endowed. She wears a black crop top and black mesh sleeves for ease of movement. She wears a pair of black shorts with a brown belt around it. on the left side of her hip, is a black case for small tools. She has long black socks that start from the middle of her leg and go down to her feet, along with the black boots that start midway in the socks and are standard ninja attire. She typically wears a black hood to cover her head and mouth. Kin's hair is typically tied up behind her head so that it does not become a hindrance, but her hair is as long as her body, because she refuses to cut it.

Musical ThemesEdit

  • Silent but Deadly - Kin's Theme
  • Kunoichi - Kin's Mirror Match
  • The Cracks in the Armor - Kin vs Hideki (Permanent by Acceptance)


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