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Kiel Angelo
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Name: Kiel Angelo
Alias: White Watcher
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: The 8th Ruined City: Wadatsumi
Height: 5 "11"
Blood type: B
Rank: A
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Department: Emissary with the Council Templar
Position: Unknown
Partner: Unknown
Previous Partner: Unknown
Material Collection Information
Values: Peace
Anime(s): Control Sequence

Kiel Angelo is a “soul of peace” from the ministry owned by the NOS. He debuted in Verse 1 of Control Sequence. Not much is known about him.

Character InfoEdit


Kiel is a peace keeper so far, and tends to be quite knowledgeable, though he can’t stand being called “old”. He is something of an enigma to most, but has a strong sense of belief in protecting the world and can’t stand to see it the way it currently is. Though Kiel wont stand for moral wickedness in any sense of the word, still its unknown if he’d actually take any action to it because he’s never fought yet. He tends to have a disdain towards arrogance and needless violence however.


Keil is typically seen in concealing uniform of an intricate white design with a hood covering his skull, and bright radiant eyes.

Plot InfoEdit

Verse 1Edit

Thus far Kiel has made a few appearances in Control Sequence, his first was speaking to Byakai referring to him as the son of Morkuv, a warrior in the Third War. Kiel told him to seek out Nex and stick to his path if he wanted truth before he left him. Kiel then reappears in Episode 14 when speaking to Valetha, the scarlet demoness seemed to hold a certain disdain to him and his words of preaching as the two discussed the “Truths” of destruction, and Keil’s desire for another resolution of saving the world. Topics discussed tend to lead to think that Kiel clearly knows quite a bit. When Nex shows he seems to how a disdain to his road and know something of him, as well as Legna, mentioning that their talk would have to wait until a later time when Legna stops Valetha.

Kiel later appears in the city and addresses Siegfried to speak with him about his own road. Kiel seems to know Siegfried, as well as his father based on their conversation. He spoke to him concerning his lack of desire to change things, and his failure to realize the weapon he held or the importance of it. Kiel also kept to himself that he didn’t believe he could become an ally with this mindset Siegfried had, though he seems to still somewhat care about his position as he told him to get going when he sensed a danger of which he didn’t believe Siegfried could handle.


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