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Kazuhiro Watanabe was a former buddy of Kei's during the war


Kazuhiro was a former war buddy of Kei's during the Beastkin war. Kazuhiro and Saki both vanished from the front lines, essentially going AWOL, after most of their divisions were defeated. The two of them performed guerilla tactics, sabotaging their opponents in any way before simply retreating. At some point before the series, Saki and Kazuhiro were contacted by the branch. Kazuhiro returned alone to let Kei know he planned to claim Alexandria for the branch. When Kazuhiro did not receive the answer he wanted from Kei, he kidnapped his mother Kokoa, and forced a confrontation with him. Despite Kei gaining the advantage, Saki interrupted the battle. When part of the floor gave way in the building, Kazuhiro presumambly fell to his death.


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