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Kaji Namari
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Kaji Namari (Art, CarlosIXA, 2)
Kana: カジ=ナマリ
Kanji: 家事=鉛
Rōmaji: Kaji Namari
Alias: Jaki (nickname from Asher)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 21
Date of Birth: April 1st 2618AD
Height: 6'4" ft
Blood type: B
Weapon: Switch-blades
Personal Status
Education: Torifune Military Academy
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Librarium
Simple Move List
Timeline(s): Genesis Catastrophe Universe Timeline
Anime(s): Genesis Catastrophe
First Appearance: SCENARIO 01`
Japanese Voice: Kouichi Yamadera
English Voice: Steve Blum
Kaji Namari is a graduate of the Torifune Military Academy, and a member of the First Platoon within the NOL's military forces. He is featured in Genesis Catastrophe.


Not much is known about this character, as he has yet to appear in Genesis Catastrophe.


Kaji is, what many call him, a waste of time and patience to all who end up associating with him. He is the definition of someone wasting their life and opportunities away, with no direction nor any goal that needs to be achieved. Someone who feels comfortable, even overjoyed, to be considered a man who puts out no effort into things. It's not even known why he of all people is in the NOL, as it seems that the only thing he cares to do is have his own kind of twisted fun, teasing some, annoying others, making comments meant to invoke a reaction, and give out nicknames to people. It almost seems like he's been able to get through life in the academy because his desires are simple and easy to reach, and he has no real concern over anything.

For all intents and purposes, he seems to make himself out to be the kind of guy that gets killed two minutes into combat. A man clearly at the bottom of the pecking order, man number two, and probably has more luck getting killed by a butterfly than scoring a kill for himself.


Kaji is a slim young man with somewhat long white hair that's slicked to the left side, and strange white eyes. He wears the military academy uniform, which consists of a dark blue/sapphire jacket with collar, pants with the same coloration, and black boots that have the pants legs feeding into them. He wears the uniform loosely, with the jacket unzipped and unbuttoned, and the belt around the waist is tilted towards the right side of his body. Underneath the jacket is a black short-sleeve T-shirt. Around his neck, out of sight due to being under the shirt, is a necklace with an oval-shaped silver locket.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kaji's abilities as a fighter are unknown. Though, based on how he conducts himself, he's most likely terrible in combat. However, that is based on no actual combat data, only on his personality and the way he acts during his day-to-day routine.


Novus Orbis LibrariumEdit

Musical ThemeEdit

  • Crescendo One - Kaji's Theme


  • His first name, Kaji, is Japanese for both fire and housekeeping.
  • His last name, Namari, is Japanese for lead.