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Justice Strayers: Cthulhu & Azathoth

Owner: Caru Aeter
Name: Justice Strayers: Cthulhu & Azathoth
Kana: クトゥルフとアザデフ
Rōmaji: Kuto~urufu to Azadefu
Translation: Cthulhu & Azathoth
Form: Dual Guns
Type: Azure Fragments

Justice Strayers: Cthulhu & Azathoth are two Azure Fragments owned by Caru Aeter.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Because they use Azure instead of shells, they have no practical mechanisms on them (except for the trigger and hammer), instead acting like an amplifier for long range Ars Magus attacks and a medium for shooting off Azure-based "bullets". They're also capable of shooting off charged Azure at an enemy by the will of its user.

Few of their special attacks are locked, only unlockable when its user says a specific chant. Its special attacks include:

  • Call of Cthulhu: Cthulhu shoots out a massive blast of Blue Azure that ravages anything it touches. Its unlock chant is "Calling to the shivering souls, awake to your nightmare".
  • Attack of Azathoth: Azathoth shoots multiple chains of Red Azure, all aimed directly that whomever its owner deems as a target. Its unlock chant is "Awaken traveller, awake to the elder god forgotten by time".
  • God Call: Both Cthulhu and Azathoth shoot out an intertwining blast of Blue and Red Azure that's meant to completely destroy anything unfortunate enough to be in its way. Its unlock chant is "From Death to Rebirth, from Destruction to Creation, and from Damnation to Ascension. These weapons are in charge of the sanity and anger of humanity, as they were born in the everlasting Azure. This is their God Call".


These two Azure Fragments take the form of two black-armored pistols, with highlighting and sigils on their surface to indicate which Azure they use (Blue for Cthulhu and Red for Azathoth). On their sides, they have their names engraved.


  • The Azure Fragments are named after the Elder gods Cthulhu and Azathoth from the Cthulhu Mythos.