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Joshiel Arai
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Birth Name: Joshiel Arai
Alias: Josh
The Big Bad Wolf
Gender: Male
Race: Beastkin (Wolf)
Age: 25
Birthplace: Yamatsumi
Height: 5'11" ft
Hobbies: Playing pool
Values: Justice
Likes: Odd jobs
Dislikes: War
Weapon: Two metallic batons
Personal Status
Relatives: Kana (younger sister)

Unnamed parents (Deceased)

Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Novel(s): A and K
Japanese Voice: Hiroaki Muira
English Voice: Keith Silverstein
Joshiel Arai is a former soldier of the NOL and currently unemployed, taking the odds jobs and hoping to find his long-lost sister.


Josh and his family lived in peace until his family were killed by a mugger who tried to rob them. After that he and Kana were to sent to an orphanage. They were able to find a new family for Kana, but not for him, so the boy was all alone. When Josh became an adult, he enlisted into the NOL, trying to find a place for myself in this world. But the Library collapsed, and he was left with nothing again. Josh took odd jobs to make a living for himself. He has been a courier, a bodyguard, a cab driver and many others. After all these years  thought that he was never able to learn anything about his sister’s life. So he decides to ask Kei for help.


Josh is a serious-minded individual who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to do his job. He can come across as aloof and cold, but it is just a defense mechanism he developed after years of wandering. Josh is not easy to anger, but when his buttons are pushed, he justifies his nickname "the Big Bad Wolf" . Like most wolves, he is loyal to his friends and family to a fault.


Josh is a fairly tall man in his mid twenties. He is in a good physical shape, and his skin tone is fair. His ash brown hair reaches down his neck and sometimes covers his sharp hazel eyes. For his clothing, Josh wears a bluish-green jacket and black jeans. His footwear consists of black military boots.


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