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Izumi Nanaya-Suzuki
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Name: Izumi Nanaya-Suzuki
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personal Status
Material Collection Information
Move List
Recruit Requirement: Character can be recruited in a certain chapter assuming that Miwa (AG Ver) is with the group.
Game(s): BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence

Izumi is a recruitable character in BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence and a primary character to the Azure Generations Plotline

Basic InformationEdit

  • Basic Stats
    • Strength: A-
    • Heat: B
    • Speed: B
    • Defense: B
  • Misc:
    • Affinity: Elemental (Wind)
    • Weakness: Elemental (Electric)
    • Range: Short Range
    • Level Rate: Medium
    • Difficulty Playing: Medium


Team DistortionsEdit

  • Wind and Fire: (Note: Requires Akane in the battle) Izumi strikes a single opponent with strikes of wind, then Akane sets that opponent on fire.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughters: (Note: Requires Miwa (AG ver) and Akane) Miwa, Izumi, and Akane each attack one by one. All three then attack all at once. Attack does between 300 and 400 points of damage. All three characters must be level 40 to use this distortion.


  • Strong Winds: Opponent is attacked by strong winds
    • Base Skill
  • Protect: Single ally is protected by the winds and damage is reduced by 50% for one turn. One turn cooldown.
    • Base Skill
  • Drifting Leaves: Any opponent on the field can be attacked for one turn and is then attacked by Izumi. After the attack, Izumi returns to her past position and her turn is finished. One turn cooldown
    • Level Acquired: 10
  • Heal: Heals single ally by 10% of max HP.
    • Level Acquired: 15
  • Hurricane: Does 150 points of Wind damage.
    • Level Acquired: 25
  • Speed Up: When cast, that person's speed is increased for a period of three turns.
    • Level Acquired: 30
  • Steadfast: If an attack is going to KO Izumi, this skill allows Izumi to survive with 1 HP.
    • Level Acquired: 40

Detailed TraitsEdit

Unique TraitsEdit

  • Sisterly Love: When Izumi and Akane are in battle together, Their respective attacks are increased by 25%
  • Conservative: Izumi's skills cost less when her HP and MP are full.
  • Wind Power: All wind elemental attacks, whether Izumi or anyone else on the field with Izumi during battle, gain a 10% boost to their wind elemental attacks
  • Short-Circuit: Electric attacks are reduced by 20% next to Izumi

General TraitsEdit

  • Confidence: Izumi has a 95% chance of hitting her opponents.
  • Windmill: Izumi's wind skills only take half the usual to use.



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