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General QuotesEdit

I will reclaim what was stolen from my people. The Princess of the Undine will return our people to the once prestigious nation they were!

V3 - General QuotesEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

You dare challenge the princess of the Undine?!

Begone, or feel my Wrath.

Round WinEdit

This was expected.

Behold the power of the Undine!

Match WinEdit

As expected.

Never underestimate the power of the Undine!

V3 - Versus NexEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

We have a common enemy. Shall we sharpen our skills?

Very well. I shall grant your wish of battle.

Round WinEdit

Get up. Your victory must change this world.

If this is all you have...

Match WinEdit

If I can defeat you, I can defeat the government that has stolen so much from our people.

I fear we are in grave danger, let us escape so I may heal your wounds.

Arcade WinEdit

A single man does not win a war, Nex. Know that you need only ask, and I will stand by your side with all my power. I must reclaim what the government stole from my people. You are always welcome in my home.

V3 - Versus AkuheiEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

Behold my Wrath!

Let my Spear Pierce Your Lungs!

Round WinEdit

Holding back, are you?

I will crush you with every fiber of my being!

Match WinEdit

Let this victory be a sign, the Princess of the Undine will not surrender!

I will take back what is mine, starting with what the government stole from us!

Arcade WinEdit

This is Akuhei? One of the great generals? Pathetic. If this is all the power you can muster, than I can reclaim what your government stole from my people!

V3 - Versus MiwaEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

You are a kind soul...yet you fight?

If we must...

Round WinEdit

I'm sorry...even holding back as much as I could...

Please get up. I didn't hurt you that bad.

Match WinEdit

What a hollow victory this is...

We were both holding back, weren't we?

Arcade WinEdit

You have no killing intent. Begone from the battlefield. The path of bloodshed is not yours. I will reclaim what my people have lost at all costs.

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