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Ivory is a princess of a race of aquarian dwellers, the Undine.


Ivory is a beastkin, or has been referred to as such. She is the princess of her people, where her mother and father are king and queen. They live where they do because of the NOS government. When she was a little girl, her mother and father were forced to strike a deal with the government because of not having the power to oppose and they feared the merciless slaughter of their people. In return, they traded away their treasure, their Trident Armament. But as she got older, she noticed the mentality of their people had turned antagonizing toward anyone of human descent. Intruders that entered their waters were attacked by enraged Undine. Fearing that the deal her parents made was corrupt, she has openly opposed the deal. Because of her royal blood, or as it was explained to her, she has the power to change into a human so she can openly walk on land without needing water to breathe. She openly opposes the government, while her parents approve.


As a mermaid, she wears a blue swimsuit top. She has blue fins on the side of her neck and gills, and has the tail of a fish. 

As a human, she wears a blue and black sarong that goes all the way to her feet and a blue swimsuit top. She wears black high heels. 

She has light blue eyes and long wavy blue hair that reaches to her shoulders.


  • Screw Order - Ivory's Theme (From Touhou: Emotional Skyscraper - Cosmic Mind [Techno Rock Cover])


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