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Name: Imyo
Gender: Male
Race: Cat (Tiger) Beastkin
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: May 1st
Blood type: B
Weapon: Twin Swords of Fire Magic
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown Son and Wife (Unknown status, believed to be dead)
Status: Deceased (Erased by an Exitium)
Affiliation Status
Previous Affiliation: Rogue Sectors
Mercenary Group and Unknown Resistance
Previous Department: Unknown
Previous Position: Unknown
Previous Partner: Morkuv Torayuki (Ally)
Koyoto C Mercury (Ally)
Nicaiah Metake (Common Contractor)
Unknown original contractor
Material Collection Information
Anime(s): Control Sequence
Control Sequence Origins

Imyo was a cat beastkin who had a history with the liberation mercenary force outside of the governments and several of its members. He was also Nex’s and Siegfried’s caretaker.

Character InformationEdit

Imyo was a member of the mercenary force who had a son and a wife, who have unknown status which he rarely mentioned for reasons of his own. His inclusion in the force and his efforts was oddly kept between only a few members.

At first it was believed he was simply a member, but later on into Control Sequence’s first verse it was revealed that he was a quite influential, and participated in many sabotages of the SIA’s work and NOS research in the past. He knew much of the world’s truth and called their forces the last ones to hold up the original ideals of the Rogue Sectors.

He cared for Nex and Siegfried Schtauffen a great deal, had high hopes in them and thought of them as his own children, protecting them at any costs evident through their stories.


Imyo is depicted with tiger-like markings on his fur and has bright yellow eyes. He wore a customized jacket that is reminiscent to the kaka-clan attire.

Plot InformationEdit

Until later into Control Sequence it wasn’t known what part he played.

As a member of a force which knew a lot of the worlds “truth” and confidential endeavors going on within the governmental agencies. They made it their priority to look into these black ops and do what they could to stop them. In detail it isn’t yet known what these operations were, what happened, or what Imyo might of done in particular. However one of his missions was in fact getting Nex back after he was captured the night he received his grimoire and also take Siegfried in months later.


Imyo is a character who is currently deceased in the main storyline, but his endeavors are explored through the Origin Stories of others.

Nex’s Origin StoryEdit

Imyo is a present character in Nex’s origin story showing what the two went through to get to his home, as well as the time where he looked after Siegfried alongside Nex.

Alongside a division of his workforce, Imyo took in Nex after he was detained by the NOS after the incident in a city within Ikaruga. It was believed he was caught for reasons of research on the newly obtained grimoire. He spent several months protecting Nex as they gradually made their way to a place he said would keep them safe from the government. Though getting there proved to be difficult as the NOS's forces kept pursuit. All in this time Imyo never mentioned what he might of known about Nex, instead choosing to attempt to gain a bond with him and always protected him.

Siegfried's Origin StoryEdit

Imyo later took in another boy named Siegfried and introduced him to Nex, having the intent of keeping them both safe and raising them to go against the governmental agencies. He made sure to teach both Siegfried and Nex of everything they needed to know and was planning to work alongside them. However the instant he learned the NOS learned of their whereabouts and had method of entering, he knew that wouldn’t happen.


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