This page, Images In Use, is a project page meant for storage purposes

A documentation of all the component images used within the infrastructure of the wiki.

Infobox Skins

Many of the skins displayed in this section (with the exception of White 1) were custom-made by admin Black Rose, through the use of dA Muro.

Infobox Colors
Dark Table 2 (CarlosIXA) Test Background (CarlosIXA) Test Background 2 (CarlosIXA BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Blue)
Dark Table Dark Blue 1 Dark Blue 2 Blue 1
Light Blue 2 (CarlosIXA) BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Red) Red 2 (CarlosIXA) BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Green)
Blue 2 Red 1 Red 2 Green 1
Green 2 (CarlosIXA) BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Purple) Purple 2 (CarlosIXA) BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Black)
Green 2 Purple 1 Purple 2 Black 1
Black 2 (CarlosIXA) BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Orange) Orange 2 (CarlosIXA) BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki (Infobox Background, Yellow)
Black 2 Orange 1 Orange 2 Yellow 1
Yellow 2 (CarlosIXA) White Infobox White Infobox 2
Yellow 2 White 1 White 2
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Wiki Skin

Infobox Colors
BlazBlue RP Fan Wiki Skin BlazBlue Fan RP User Background BlazBlue Tails BackGround
Normal Wiki Background Admin User Background Special User Wiki Background
BlazBlue Fan RP Barwrapper BlazBlue Fan RP Header BlazBlue Fan RP User Header
Barwrapper Header User Header
File:Favicon.ico Header 2 (BlazBlue Fan RP Wiki, Transparent)
Favicon Image for Header 2
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Nail Gauge Icon Azure Calamity Icon Black Rose Icon Ouroboros Gauge Icon Makoto Nanaya (Icon, 2)
Nail Gauge
Azure Calamity
Black Rose
(Black Rose)
Ouroboros Gauge
Makoto Icon
Ignis Gauge Icon Nirvana Gauge Icon Blood Kain Gauge Icon Silpheed Gauge Icon Slaver Trans-AM Gauge Icon
Ignis Gauge
(Uragira Reta)
Nirvana Gauge
(Kazuya Takeda)
Blood Kain Gauge Silpheed Gauge Slaver Trans-AM Gauge
Almost Becoming Two Gauge Icon Curse Gauge Icon Fire Gauge Icon Electric Gauge Icon George XIII Gauge Icon
Almost Becoming Two Gauge Curse Gauge Fire Gauge Electric Gauge George XIII Gauge
Gravition Gauge Icon Ice Gauge Icon Wolf Gauge Icon
Gravition Gauge Ice Gauge Wolf Gauge
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Picture Information Type (Points)
Edit Track
Badge-edit-0 First Edit Bronze (10 points)
Badge-edit-1 Five Edits Bronze (10 points)
Badge-edit-2 Ten Edits Bronze (10 points)
Badge-edit-3 25 Edits Silver (50 points)
Badge-edit-4 50 Edits Silver (50 points)
Badge-edit-5 100 Edits Silver (50 points)
Badge-edit-6 250 Edits Gold (100 points)
Badge-edit-7 500 Edits Gold (100 points)
Category Track
Badge-category-0 One Category Bronze (10 points)
Badge-category-1 Five Categories Bronze (10 points)
Badge-category-2 Ten Categories Bronze (10 points)
Badge-category-3 25 Categories Silver (50 points)
Badge-category-4 50 Categories Silver (50 points)
Badge-category-5 100 Categories Silver (50 points)
Badge-category-6 250 Categories Gold (100 points)
Picture Track
Badge-picture-0 One Picture Bronze (10 points)
Badge-picture-1 Five Pictures Bronze (10 points)
Badge-picture-2 Ten Pictures Bronze (10 points)
Badge-picture-4 50 Pictures Silver (50 points)
Blog Comment Track
Badge-blogcomment-0 3 Different Blog Comments Bronze (10 points)
Badge-blogcomment-1 10 Different Blog Comments Silver (50 points)
Wiki Love Track
Badge-love-0 5 Days in a Row Silver (50 points)
Badge-love-1 14 Days in a Row Gold (100 points)
Badge-love-2 30 Days in a Row Gold (100 points)
Badge-love-3 60 Days in a Row Gold (100 points)
Badge-love-4 100 Days in a Row Gold (100 points)
Badge-love-5 200 Days in a Row Gold (100 points)
Badge-love-6 365 Days in a Row Platinum (250 points)
Special Track
Badge-welcome Welcome Badge Bronze (10 points)
Badge-pounce Edits on 100 Pages within 1 Hour of its Creation Silver (50 points)
Badge-caffeinated 100 Edits within One Day Silver (50 points)
Badge-luckyedit Lucky Edit (gained on the 1000th edit on the wiki in general) Gold (100 points)
Special "Playable Character" Track
Badge-1-3 Silver (50 points)
Badge-1-4 Silver (50 points)
Badge-1-5 Silver (50 points)
Badge-1-6 Gold (100 points)



Policies and Rules of BlazBlue Fanon RP Wiki

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