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The Illegal Forces are simply criminals of the world of Control Sequence who work in organized pockets and groups. They seem to be tied to no ruling force in particular, but all of them are against the government.




They have a tendency to use the Black market and illegal weaponry, and are unlike others, far more aggressive in their tactics against the government. Preferring to bring them down with force and chaos instead of reasoning or compromise.

Notable members in its historyEdit

  • Sylar - The White Demon who climbed through the ranks alongside a named group, and preformed many ruinous acts. For unknown reasons Sylar left his previous group, and became independent completely turning his back on his previous lifestyle.
  • Zaezel - A Azure Sin Subject who is for his own reasons lending his power to a criminal group.
  • Cetan - A methodical individual who resides mostly in Taoreta. Almost nothing is available of his history, oddly.

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