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Name: Ignato
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21
Date of Birth: December 9th
Height: 5'9" ft
Weapon: Unknown Weapon Twin Armored Guns
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown Parents
Education: NOS Military Academy
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Department: World Force Milita (Elite Ars Unit)
Position: Major
Partner: Faulhier (Superior)
Material Collection Information
Values: Solitude and Victory
Likes: Completing her missions and pleasing her superiors
Dislikes: Relying on others, those who disobey orders, Rice
Anime(s): Control Sequence Origins

Ignato is a character who appeared in Control Sequence Origins. She’s a young women who holds the title of Major in the NOS. Under a Major General named Faulheir, Ignato’s weapons of choice are twin armored guns capable of becoming short blades that generate shots of energy.

Character InfoEdit

A major underneath the command of a Major General named Faulheir. Currently much isn’t known about her, including her division aside being part of the military but she is a capable and cold individual who performs with efficiency.

Plot InfoEdit


Ignato has only been seen once so far, and that’s alongside a Major General who received report that the Wadatsumi ruins incident occurred and Nex was still with Imyo. She offers to go find him while Faulheir would meet with Akuhei.


Ignato’s concerns are her mission and victory, and she is extremely detached from others. To her superiors she appears to be completely loyal to and eager to please. Tending to be one with a refined taste and lust for victory she holds the NOS in high esteem as the rightful successors to command the world. She absolutely can’t stand relying on the aid of others and has a bit of a haughty demeanor and seems to dislike those who defy their orders.


A slim build with a long waist, medium-sized chest, and dull red hair, there is very little empathy behind Ignato's cold dark blue nearly navy eyes. She takes an elegant appearance, wearing a fitting uniform ending at her shoulders with decorative red lining laced along it from her elbows down are covered by continued sleeves of the same design. Each of the sleeves have a decorative metal ring around them with a raised part holding a diamond within, and has similar accessories which look like smaller diamonds holding her wavy long red hair. The uniform sports a single silver symbol marking her rank as a major of the NOS and it opens slightly at the chest where her bright red blouse folds down along her body the rest of the uniform opens up at the back showing her skin and leads into a long skirt. Ignato sports tight fitting slightly lighter black pants going into her boots which each have a horizontal cross like plate on their sides with a steel sole.