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The Ibukido Disaster is an event in the EvoBlaze (Series) during Control Sequence Origins where The 5th Ruined City: Ibukido dealt with abnormally high amounts of Seithr Scourge.


The first DisasterEdit

The original was an event during 2391AD where a massive amount of Seithr Scourge gathered by an unknown cause and resulted in thousands losing their lives. It would cause many Seithr Beings and Drive users to appear. A younger Sylar was present during that time, working alongside the criminals there. How he physically and mentally survived the gathering of the Seithr Scourge baffled many.

The Second DisasterEdit

The second disaster occurred in 2399. The Council Templar was present to witness the Scourge gather in such high amounts that it nearly sucked the city dry, emanating from a facility that was monitoring levels of the Seithr Scourge. The Sequence Intelligence Agency would soon restore eventual peace through aiding the Templar and turned the event to 'black' post-intervention, meaning the details were kept highly confidential and to only be discussed among the top.

Despite there being no tangible proof aside his presence and abilities to manipulate the Seithr Scourge, the blame was pinned on Sylar, who was present at the time. Notably, this event would have made Sylar a worldwide target like Nex - a Phase Black. However, the man never owned up to the crime or denied it resulting in an unclear truth. The official statement on the matter would place the blame of the attack on Sylar with no other known culprits, but he would continue on as a Phase-Red.


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