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Hiro Yokai
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Name: Hiro Yokai
Rōmaji: Hiro Yōkai
Alias: The Marked
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Human (split soul)
Age: 19
Date of Birth: January 13th
Birthplace: 13 Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi
Height: 6'0" ft (182.88 cm)
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Sleeping
Drinking Tea
Values: Morality, kindness, and his locket
Likes: Calmness
Romance Novels
Dislikes: Fighting without a reason
Extreme heat
Being angry or seeing others angry
Being truly alone
Weapon: Clarity
Light Magic (Only with Clarity)
Personal Status
Relatives: Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Cyril Yokai (brother)
Yokai (Part of his soul)
Education: Self taught
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Independent
Position: Phase Yellow C-Rank Criminal
Partner: Ellie Tsubasa (Teacher)
Previous Partner: Cyril Yokai
Simple Move List
Drive: Clarity
Overdrive: (currently unusable)
Distortion Drives: Heaven's Purge
Prison of Light
The Wrath of Hell
True Hell Rush: Assault and Battery
Lightbringer/Darkbringer (currently unusable)
Astral Heat: (Sealed for now)
Anime(s): Control Sequence
Japanese Voice: Takahiro Sakurai
English Voice: Josh Grelle
Hiro Yokai is a protagonist in Control Sequence. He becomes a primary character after Episode 21 who first appears in Verse 2 alongside his teacher Ellie.

Hiro is looking for his brother Cyril Yokai who like him was also dragged into the world from the boundary for an unknown reason.

His primary weapon is a blade of light called Clarity, along with the ability to design Seithr into strange light particles—oddly he is not effected by negative effects of Seithr corrosion at all. 




Hiro is a fair skinned traveling mercenary with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. He wears a loose fitting dark red jacket with deep scorch marks of various sizes on it. Underneath the jacket he wears a black tank top that has been stained with blood. His loose fitting black pants have been mended multiple times leaving a look of age and wear and tear. His most prized possession is a small locket that shines bright white on one side and dark black on the other, which he keeps underneath his tank top.


Hiro is a man of few words usually being the quiet one in groups. Kind and caring, Hiro always looks for a way to help others. Although being a mercenary has forced him to fight, Hiro prefers to find ways to solve disputes and problems without the use of violence. He also cares deeply for anyone who he becomes close to and will do everything he can to keep them safe. He is quiet around people he doesn't know, but around people he trusts he is more open and tends to try to lighten any situation with jokes, no matter how bad they are. Although Hiro is normally kind and compassionate, he can be pushed to extreme anger and rage in certain situations.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite having little professional training, Hiro displays an above average amount of skill in both swordplay with Clarity and hand-to-hand combat with Wrath. Hiro prides himself on his fighting techniques and openly accepts training sessions to try and test his skills. While using Clarity Hiro’s body changes to suit an incredibly fast and precise fighting style focusing more on speed, accuracy, and ranged attacks. Along with the body altering power, Clarity imbues Hiro’s strikes with high speed light particles that have the ability to cause bodily damage to his opponents. While under Clarity's influence Hiro can also manipulate the light particles into the form of blades that he can fire at his targets or use as an attack barrier for a short time. Over manipulating the light particles, however, quickly drains his stamina and can lead to bodily damage.

When Hiro switches to Wrath, his physical structure changes to be able to take more damage and deal more damage at the cost of  accuracy. While using Wrath he does not really have a fighting style its mainly just instinct guided attacks. Along with armoring his body, Wrath imbues raw power into Hiro’s body by using his own intense emotions to cause massive explosions of Fire and Earth. Although using Wrath and any abilities with it severely weakens him, by putting an intense strain on his body that can cause permanent damage. Using his drive Hiro has access to different moves depending on which side of him he is currently using, whether it is Clarity or Wrath.

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Distorted SequenceEdit

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  • Hiro's fighting style is loosely based on Vergil from Devil May Cry. Without the teleporting.
  • The blades that Hiro creates with light and some of the techniques he uses them with, are based on the Summoned Swords that Vergil also uses.


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