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The High Order are five people who govern over the Novus Orbis Librarium and act out the role of Imperator. This system was put into place soon after the early 23rd century after the many actions of previous Imperators having made a negative impact on the NOL and the people living under its system.


The High Order is usually in control of most situations and decide the major changes within the system, and how it affects the people living under it. There are usually five seats, which are occupied by a selected member of five families (many families with relation towards the NOL are constantly rumored to hold a seat).


The Imperator System had proven itself to be a completely unreliable system due to the power they have more often than not being frittered with or just simply abused to work against the overall system. Mostly due to the actions of previous Imperators having shown off how much the power of the Imperator can be misused, the governing bodies within the NOL managed to completely dissolve the system. However, this wasn't without consequence, as the gap of power led into several short rebellions scrambling to fill in the hole left behind.

These short skirmishes never broke out into any actual war, and, soon enough, a new system was devised to replace the void left behind at the top of the command structure; the High Order.