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Hellish Flame: Strangler

Owner: Gale Wing XXXth/Ixa
Name: Hellish Flame: Strangler
Kanji: 地獄の炎:ストラングラー
Rōmaji: Jigoku no Honō: Sutorangurā
Translation: Hell of Fire: Strangler
Form: Large scythe
Type: Aggressor Weapon

Hellish Flame: Strangler is a large Aggressor Weapon used by Gale Wing XXXth, and later on by Ixa.


HF: Strangler was the replacement weapon for Heavenly Flame Stranger after Gale Wing XXXth threw it away. 


Gale XXXth's StranglerEdit

The main pole of the scythe is elongated to about seven feet long. At the section where the blade and pole meet, it is circular in shape, though with two spikes sticking out both the opposite side of the blade and the top of the pole. The blade itself has a mechanism with about 12 small bayonets sticking out where it acts as a chainsaw. Only the blade has this kind of mechanism, while the rest of the scythe has no other machinery as complex as it. On the section where the blade is connected to the pole, there's a swing which allows for it to be stored.

In colors, the entire scythe is jet black, besides from the blade and some of the machinery, which show off bits of bronze and silver.

Ixa's StranglerEdit

The pole is as long as eight feet, with a spike at the bottom end of it. The section where the blade and pole meet is a large circular disc which is locked into place by the user. There's two objects on either side of the circular disc: the scythe's blade and a blunt object resembling an angel wing. The blade itself is clean and sharp, layered in bronze and silver. The circular disc is capable of swinging down into the pole for storage purposes.

The entire coloration of the scythe is white, except for the blade and the disc, which are embroiled in bronze and silver.