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Hayato Maragi
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Name: Hayato Maragi
Alias: Flaming Hope (By Chi)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Date of Birth: May 20th
Birthplace: 6th Hierarchical city of Yabiko
Height: 6'2"
Blood type: O-
Hobbies: Card tricks
Values: Family, Mason
Likes: Sweets, Nika Mito
Dislikes: Taste of Blood, wars
Weapon: Dyuramu
Personal Status
Relatives: Houdini Jr (Brother)
Status: Inactive
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Japanese Voice: Kosuke Toriumi
English Voice: Matt Mercer

Hayato Maragi is the main protagonist of BlazBlue: Hope's Resurface, as well as it's anime adaption Flames of Hope

Information Edit

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Flames of HopeEdit

Phase XEdit

Phase X was the first appearance of Hayato in the Azure Generations timeline outside of possessing HJ, as it was in this past his appearance was prior to his set point in the timeline he'd have died. Hayato first encounters Ragna and his younger brother Mason a bit ways from their house. Learning more of Ragna the two hit off a somewhat steady friendship of sorts, only to be interrupted by sounds of warfare. The two quickly hurry to find the source of said noises, which were forces of the NOL, led by Relius Clover. After the two duel with him they soon set off for the NOL base to destroy the cauldron, Hayato coming along for the sole purpose of finding some secrets for himself. The two narrowly escape a chance encounter with Arakune when they finally reach the headquarters. Then further meeting Terumi, after kicking Ragna down the cauldron Terumi talks with Hayato, seeing him as a possible interference in another timeline kills him swiftly. Hayato mutters to himself for his brother's forgiveness as he dies, cementing his death in the main timeline.

Appearance Edit

Hayato is a tall young man with spiky brown hair with a ponytail. He wears a red jacket with a black undershirt and blue jeans. He also wears a pair of glasses with the lens having a red tint, as well as an earpiece.

Personality Edit

Hayato is a distant individual who works alone in his vigilante work. He tends to also have a personality of a brash fighter, often instigating fights with his targets more often than not. He harbors a deep instinct of care for his younger brother, often times over the simplest of matters between them in their home life. He is often trusted with him in his care as a result. Also has a deep fear of hurting his brother emotionally as well, as spoken in Phase X where he murmurs for his forgiveness before dying.

Hayato also is known to have a rebellious streak when it comes to certain characters such as opposition, or rivaling allies such as Chi and Nika Mito, despite their common goals. Also harboring romantic feelings of sorts towards Nika, despite her not noticing them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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