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Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin (Fox)
Personal Status
Status: Active
Haruka will be one of the main characters for the upcoming anime, Legacy.


Haruka is a wanderer. A bounty hunter by trade, she cares little about people and only about where her next meal will come from and how she's paid. She also has an azure.


Haruka kidnapped Kasumi with the intent of claiming the bounty on her. However, when she was double-crossed, she fled with Kasumi. The two eventually, after a day of rain and staying within a tent for cover, traveled to Wei's. A place where Haruka trades her trinkets for supplies and gets Kasumi her own travel gear. From there the two, traveled into the desert where they were arrested my the men of 'Prince Alikh'. After Haruka was dressed in a belly dancer's outfit. She froze the room, and Kasumi and Haruka went to retrieve their items. After doing so, Haruka stole a bit of money from the prince in order to use for their own as well. Using the men's own horses to escape, the two of them soon reached a new village on the outskirts of the desert. Haruka used her power in order to restore the water to the village, though she lied to Kasumi. After Kasumi found out, Haruka explained her reasoning, having once been scolded before for using her power in such a way. Despite Kasumi being unhappy about being lied to, the two continued together. At their next stop, the two came in contact with the Sirens. After having a tense conversation, purposely trying to avoid them singing, Haruka explained to Kasumi that if Kasumi were to continue traveling with her, she would also have to become a bounty hunter. Thus why they were on their way to the 'training grounds'.