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Gokkan Reiji
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Name: Gokkan Reiji
Alias: Yabiko's Crooked Detective
Gender: Male
Race: Fox Beastkin
Age: 24
Birthplace: 5th city of Ibukido
Height: 84 inches
Blood type: O
Personal Status
Relatives: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Status: Active
Material Collection Information

Gokkan Reiji is a future character to appear in BlazBlue: Fateful Element

Information Edit

Fateful ElementEdit

to be written

Material CollectionEdit

  • Hobbies: case file decoding
  • Values: His job
  • Likes: close-quarters fighting
  • Dislikes: cowardly criminals

Personality Edit

to be written

Appearance Edit

to be written

Powers and Abilities Edit

to be written

Trivia Edit

  • Gokkan Reiji is a reading of 'Frigid Rage' in Japanese.

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