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The events detailing the Third War of Ars Magus following the story of the protagonist Blood 0.

It is a part of the EvoBlaze (Series) and comes after the events of Reality 0, and before the events of Control Sequence.

Stories taking placeEdit

Irregularity SequenceEdit

-Irregularity Sequence-

The timeline where the Third War of Armagus would take place and the rebellion of the Forsaken Ten would begin here. An entire region was consumed by seithr during the Third War of Armagus, which was the former remains of Ikaruga.

Lukain Necaros among others played a large role in the war, in that time he had a partner by his side in most of his work, though, he eventually left for unknown reasons.

The Beginning of the Third WarEdit

The Genesis Destroyers and Nex ExitiumEdit

Select individuals by the leaders of the NOS were chosen to become the holders of the newly created Nex Exitium which were still prototype in their idea, but complete in design. They were weapons desired to be used in the war by Lukain though the current Marshal didn't agree with his choice to use such designs.

Regardless, a set is created of six weapons of different types and attributes from partners that Lukain worked with from afar. While he couldn't share how the weapons came to be, it would become a public choice to use these Exitium to preserve the New World Order and dispose of powers no longer needed in their world. Among these Destroyers was Akuhei Yamaorochi taking up the infernal serpent 'Leviathan', and who Lukain insisted on working with personally.

The Original Marshal's leaveEdit

Unable to condone how matters were being handled in the NOS, the Marshal of the NOS who Lukain advised previously, decided to leave the NOS's ranks. His close friend Albrecht Schtauffen decided to stay behind however.

Discovery of Blood 0 by the Forsaken 10Edit

The Assault on the SystemEdit

End of DaysEdit

Crisis SequenceEdit

-Crisis Sequence-

The 2nd Dark War and the Black ReckoningEdit

  • Explained in: Crisis Sequence

During the height of the Third War, the world became blanketed in seithr as something in the newly created system went awry from within the Core Unit's maintenance on the Boundary. The war became less so about stopping the government/rebellion, and more about survival as this time would see the start of the Black Reckoning.

Rise of the Berserk BlackEdit

The previously tame seithr creatures that were able to be driven back would become nightmarish horrors of seithr as they began to take shape into forms of creatures and beings with typical pitch bodies of any varying shape and type, more rarely would they sport glistening veins of energy or clusters of powerful energy on their body. The families connected to Azure called them a form of the world's evil and similar to the Black Beast in nature. Some thought they were mere punishment to mankind, a growing 'sin' that mankind could not ignore, but others thought it could be a conspiracy.

Whether natural or created, they were dubbed the “Berserk Black” these fiends of seithr and foul energy would come from the Boundary nearby the gates and opened portals nearby in their presence which flooded the lands with more seithr from their presence and bodies. They would contain crimson to green-colored Boundary Fragments in their form similar to that of the far more manageable Seithr Beings. Completely immune to most ars and insanely strong when near high levels of seithr, they presented a huge threat to mankind when the Corrosion Anomaly hit its peak.

The only form of defense that mankind would have, was pure magic and even that was not enough to efficiently stop the growing threats. While the government's leaders scrambled to find a way to defend the people from the Berserk Black and the worsening situation a decision would be made to condone the use of methods to use the power of the Boundary, headed by their new Marshal. He'd suggest turning to power, and combating the creatures in fight-fire-with-fire tactics.

Meanwhile, the Forsaken Ten would work on their own way to combat the creatures as they paused their assault, despite having a significant lead previously, they would give it up to start investigating.

For several years this war would draw out.

The Azure Prototypes of the NemesisEdit

Finding the Seeds of the NightmareEdit

Sacrifice, and the Birth of a new HopeEdit

Severing the Anomaly and the BetrayalEdit

The ??? Godsword and the Defeat of YamaorochiEdit

The Dormancy of the System and the decision of the OverseersEdit

End of the War, Closing the GatesEdit

Summary of Major EventsEdit

  • The creation of the original six Nex Exitium and the individuals who held them.
  • The World Crisis where the Corrosion Anomaly in seithr hit its worst peak of damage to mankind.
  • Akuhei Yamaorochi along with the other Genesis Destroyers were defeated.
  • Banning the outside development of Seithr Core.
  • NOS declared victor of the War.
  • Rogue Sectors declared harbingers of chaos to the world and decreed as individuals who nearly brought the world to destruction.

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