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The events detailing the Third War of Ars Magus following the story of the protagonist Blood 0.

It is a part of the EvoBlaze (Series) and comes after the events of Reality 0, and before the events of Control Sequence.

Stories taking placeEdit


Before the Third WarEdit

Bullet VersionEdit

  • 2300AD - GD's timeline begins
    • The NOS decides to spread its power throughout the regions via the recently developed Boundary Management System to maintain tighter control on the Boundary. Within years, they own most of the planet with only 4 hierarchical cities still resisting: Ogestu, Kanayama, Mizuha, and Kukunochi.
  • 2320AD - Resistances against the NOS beginning cropping up through the years to discover the source of the NOS' power, but are immediately squashed by the Innovos Duodecim and Izanagi Agency's power. Kanayama, Mizuha and Kukunochi are all claimed by royal families.
    • Lukain becomes a Colonel for helping these events.
    • One resistance stays alive deep in the vicinities of Ogestu with the help of criminals in the database.
  • 2330AD - Colonel Lukain Necaros returns with information about prototype weaponry discovered in a confidential area alongside a strange man.
  • 2335AD - New NOS weaponry is discussed among the leaders, concepts are made one with weapons that could erase life force and shatter a soul which they believe would quell all resistances.
    • Imperator sends out Cyrus Sorairo and trusted troops to investigate the previous events with the strange prototype weapons discovered 5 years earlier.
    • Troops return with strange black skin and attack the NOS. Cyrus remains unharmed. She decides to hold off on further investigation due to dangers.
    • The Imperator receives a disturbing message from the Azure's will, warning her about a spreading corruption in the Boundary.
  • 2340AD - Odd people with irregular power and Drive begin showing up slowly, threatening citizens and NOS alike. They're dubbed the Destructive Irregularity by the Boundary Managment System. Some become Irregular Creatures.
    • In order to combat them, Lukain passes the project to weaponize AIP units and begin development of the Nex Exitium.
    • Despite the Imperator's reservations, the projects begin throughout the cities as potential prime field materials are sent to labs across their cities.
  • 2341AD - Within a year, the Izanagi Agency makes their Elite unit, Arbitrator's Order with the new Genesis Destroyers and units with high potential.
    • Akuhei Yamaorochi is placed into the Arbitrator's Order
    • Exouna Chalasos is placed into the Arbitrator's Order
    • Yokkyu Tenaoki is placed into the Arbitrator's Order
  • 2345AD - Imperator learns Ogetsu's resistance is due to an Observer and has grown in strength. It was moving to attack the NOS-owned Haniyasu.
    • Akuhei Yamaorochi goes and intercepts by Lukain's suggestion.
    • A citizen of Haniyasu, Seigan, appears and encourages the Resistance called the Rogue Sectors and joins them during a battle to take Haniyasu. The Observer, Rachel Alucard, introduces him to their allies.
    • Yutoraki the criminal known as "Sun Tiger" (Mordecai Torayuki) joins the Rogue Sectors as a founder.
    • Shiranui the criminal known as "White Tiger" joins the Rogue Sectors.
    • Ramela the criminal known as "Dawn Alchemist" joins the Rogue Sectors as a founder.
    • Alimeta the criminal known as "Seventh Cypher" joins the Rogue Sectors as a founder.
    • Ayathiro the criminal, joins the Rogue Sectors as a founder.
    • Gale Wing XIII, a surviving Observer, joins the Rogue Sectors as a founder. His children Ark Wing and Gale Wing XIV also join.
  • 2345AD - Haniyasu becomes the first liberated independent city.
  • 2346AD - Kanayama is liberated from the NOS.
  • 2347 AD - Mizuha is liberated from the NOS.
    • Natemaki, the "fang of elements" joins the Rogue Sectors.
  • October 2349AD
    • While in a battle in NOS-owned city Akitsu-ko, Seigan learns his daughter is kidnapped by the NOS. He leaves temporarily.
    • An AIP awakening in the city pushes the Rogue Sectors back.
    • While seeking his daughter, Seigan discovers the new weapon called an Aeterna Voloarmis within Ishana's ruins.
    • Siegan disappears during the mission.
  • December 2349AD - Siegan's squad from the Rogue Sectors enter the Ishana Ruins and launch an attack at the Imperator from the Aeterna Voloarmis-- destroying her troops in Ikaruga and beginning the Ikaruga Collapse as the region is engulfed in the Boundary's energy.
    • The Rogue Sectors believe Seigan's troops were trying to get his daughter back but took their actions too far through utilizing the strange weapon. They try to explain themselves, but the NOS doesn't listen.
  • 2350AD - Having no choice but to stop the Rogue Sectors due to concern about the technology they've gained, and the personal attack on her people, the Imperator declares War.
    • The Prototype weapons are named Boundary Armaments and declared to be retrieved, while the Rogue Sectors try to claim them to learn a way to stop the NOS.
    • Due to being in War, the law was put into effect that the Imperator's word is final. The Izanagi Agency would obey her orders.

Unknown EventsEdit

Events which the date is not clear or purposefully kept hidden due to story and plot reasons.

  • The System detects the first Irregularity
  • Blood 0 is born
  • Amara is born
  • Seigan's daughter is born
  • The first Exitium is created
  • The first AIP is weaponized and awakens its unit


2300AD The World of OrderEdit

In a 50 year gap where the world enjoyed relative peace, the combined power of the NOS and the world's leaders bring the world into an age of prosperity a time known as the Golden Age.

The struggle with Nightmare has been over for over 50 years, the Seithr threats are contained and the majority of mankind has come to accept the New World Order and their Boundary Management System which brings progression toward peace to their world.

However, all isn't peaceful. Within the NOS' own walls, controversy rises about how they've come into power. While the Government themselves have a desire to continue refining their system beyond just the points of their own cities, the higher-ups talk over spreading control begins as well as a monopoly on not just Grimoire technology, but AIP as well.

Despite her initial disagreements, the Imperator is reminded of the disaster involving Nightmare that happened prior and realizes tighter control over the Boundary may be the best plan despite the System detecting no threats. The Azure is still not talking to her and seems to be in pain due to previous exploits of its power that occurred in the past. Even with the Golden Age offering to try and regain its trust in mankind, the Azure remains silent, giving no knowledge, giving no guidance. The Imperator worries it's abandoning them.

2320AD A World with no ResistanceEdit

Decades pass by and this brings unrest within its cities. Some begin to break away, some decide to try and take a stand. But it's impossible. With the normal humanity having no way to reach the secrets of the Boundary's power...and use of Magic now declared locked by the Government, all appears to be working toward a world of what would become a perfected Order as the NOS continues to refine its government and recruit the strongest in the world into their houses and families.

Beings like Observers are seen as threats, children with just the slightest hints of the Boundary's magic in their bloodline are watched and killed or captured.

The small resistances continue anyway. Some pop up in outskirt cities, Mizuha, Ogetsu, Kanayama and Kukunochi begin to rally. But the NOS is quick to retaliate. Lukain's tactics crush the opposition in days. His magic breaks their defenses without compare, allowing the Duodecim members to clean up the rest, and he leaves their hopes dashed. The only city to survive their counter-assault was Ogestu, modified with a temporary barrier and rigged with armagus traps gives them breathing room as the coordinators of the resistance lay deep underneath the city as they try to regroup.

The NOS and the Agency nearly own the planet, years continue to pass by, and humanity can only wait for a chance to strike back at the near-empire that rises out of the higher echelons. The Imperator herself can feel that her fellow government and the Innovos Duodecim are becoming more power-hungry, their desires rapidly changing.

What's causing this to occur? The Golden Age she worked to bring mankind to is quickly decaying, devolving into a twisted and corrupt state.

Several more years would pass with no resistance in sight, everyone one quashed, every chance snuffed, the NOS is unrivaled in its power as its military continues to grow in influence.

2330AD The Traces of a new ThreatEdit

Lukain and his team return one day to report to the leadership of the NOS, among them the Imperator and Prime Primecerius, that he'd discovered strange prototype sources of energy beyond their control. He'd returned with samples, alongside a strange man who exuded a devastating presence, explaining that it took their most elite to apprehend him. He held a prototype weapon that interested the Primicerius.

Lukain warns that there is a possible power source beyond their own being developed and that they either needed to implement and study it to develop a counter or risk a threat growing. It all brings unease to the Imperator as she can't help but feel the man who Lukain brought back exudes trouble.

This man would be watched, but his knowledge impresses the other houses in the Government, his weapon containing technology they could only dream of creating in the Ars Evolutis. In order to avoid the man turning on them, he agreed to share this power with the NOS and they learned this strange technology may improve their system even further.

2335AD The Warning SignsEdit

The Imperator sends out troops alongside Duodecim member Cyrus Sorairo to investigate the situation that Lukain reported on 5 years ago.

Meanwhile, the NOS's engineering and development team working with the Agency were fascinated with the new concepts being made with the Boundary's energy. One of which was the Primicerius and Lukain's personal suggestion-- a weapon capable of destroying life force itself and sealing them into the Boundary, a power of destruction at their fingertips. Other ideas included implementing these conceptual powers into the AIP and Ars Evolutis.

When the Imperator's teams return it's discovered they've become corrupted by Seithr with blackness assimilating their skin and invading their eyes. Cyrus managed to avoid being harmed and delivers news to the Imperator that forces her to realize her Golden Age was coming to an inevitable end. She calls off any further investigations due to the dangerous Seithr corruption. Worried that someone may have obtained the research and technology that they worked so hard to destroy in the past, the Imperator makes a hard decision that she entrusts only to her closest allies.

The Azure which hadn't spoken to the Imperator in decades gives the ruler a warning the next time she goes to the chambers where its boundless energy flows in waters, a crystalline shape of blue light sitting within. It delivers its message, that the Boundary around their world and the Azure contains a growing root of evil, creeping closer to their reality, and one that could threaten to consume them all. In pain, the Azure's will could say no more. It goes silent and retreats back into the crystal. The Imperator worries over the future of their world, and the Azure's state.

2340AD The Seeds of IrregularityEdit

NOS intelligence and field teams begin reporting appearances of individuals who were utilizing the Boundary's power and some becoming magic-based creatures. The Magic Guild's remains and heads are approached about it due to them having a specialty in that field, but they don't seem to know where the leak of information originated from, nor where the sources of their power are.

As more became crazed and started threatening humanity, the group became called the Destructive Irregularity with the Boundary Management System detecting them in many areas.

Lukain would get the Primicerius' approval to begin work on converting AIP into weapons and bringing the Nex Exitium projects into full completion from the last 5 years, with several working prototypes and designs ready for the later. In addition, the success of the first AIP's unit encouraged more exploration into bringing their power out of their sources while possibly bringing the unknown ones under their control through the use of the AIP. The Imperator had personal reservations about this plan, knowing exactly what the energy sources AIP relied on were and worrying drawing on them would only produce regret. She also worried about turning their Prime fields, some her allies, into weapons and relying on new weapons rather than their current weaponry. Regardless, to her shock, this was all accepted beyond the Imperator's notice, 5 years ago. Much of the Innovos Duodecim had begun to look toward the Agency, and less toward her own advice.

Lukain explained that these were weapons that were enhanced and evolved ideas of the Evolutis. Akuhei Yamaorochi who just received the Agency's enhancements would demonstrate to the houses and leadership. Using the Exitium called Anguis Inférnis: Leviathan on a rebel leader who they detained recently. He was exposed to a gene of an Irregular Creature due to desperation and that caused their own cells and their body to undergo a transformation that he would soon die from regardless. Leviathan destroyed their existence, breaking it down as they saw their life force become zero and their soul shatter and vanish somewhere into a void. While many in the Agency applauded it, in a buzz about the power, the Imperator couldn't help but call it a heinous act against the natural order. To that Lukain would say the NOS passed that point long ago with their advancements against "Gods" and their agendas, and that humanity needed to adapt to survive.

Days later, several anonymous subjects were sent to various cities along with materials to be stored in labs while alchemists and scientists would work on turning them into suitable Azure Interface Prime fields to ready for the battles ahead.

The Arbitrator's OrderEdit

The Izanagi Agency put together their own elite group, with the Primicerius' plans to integrate those who could wield the Exitium into it as well as other powerful units.

Cyrus was offered a position, due to his magic potential, but he ended up refusing and choose to stay with the Imperator's guard.

Others in the Amanohokosaka Clan, such as the General and heir of the Terumi Clan would deny the promotion to serve the Agency.

Some in the Duodecim however, jumped at the opportunity to join the new unit and work directly in the War to earn more glory toward their families or name with some heads or members being given a guarantee to have their desires contribute to the World's Order once their system was complete.

2341AD The Genesis of DestructionEdit

Three Genesis Destroyers wielding the Exitium were publically revealed by the Izanagi Agency to be in their ranks months later. They killed the Destructive Irregularity and lesser Irregular Creatures with ease due to their enhanced weaponry.

One Destroyer was Akuhei Yamaorochi, the other, who served the NOS' system, known as Exouna Chalasos wielding the Nex Exitium prototype by his same name, as well as the girl known as Yokkyu Tenaoki who served the World's Desires as a whole.

Lukain's research was applauded by the families, as they began seeing the Irregularities drop down in number.

Other Genesis Destroyers were known to exist, but they were not publically revealed or were possibly still in testing stages. These three's appearance sent a wave of shock through the world as their power was beyond anything ever witnessed. Destroying many irregularities, their power only grew, as they became capable of opposing higher magical beings and Observers.

They were sent out to seek the sources of the Irregularities, which gave the world's resistances time to prepare.

2345AD A Rising RebellionEdit

The news came that the previous resistance which survived the original assault was being aided by the likes of Observer's talents. Cautious about their approach, the Imperator would send a small team to get witnesses, and just days later it would be confirmed the rogues were rallying in Ogestu. Their small band consisted of mercenaries and known criminals, including traitors to the NOS from their past. The Imperator, however, seemed hesitant to stop them. Ater some thought, she deploys Cyrus while the other heads send in back up from some of the other Duodecim families.

Their enemies make a march toward the 21st Hierarchical City: Haniyasu, where a smelting was planned to take place, residing deep in the underbelly of the fortified city. By the dawn of the next day, their small force would arrive and would be met with the NOS' elite troops; but the criminals were efficient in their retaliative movement, with some members wielding magic against the Government. Many cat beastkin were agilely cutting the troops down with flashes of their claws and the glinting steel, another woman with the rebels hacked into the NOS' weapons operations and shut down the airship defense and Grimoire systems, leaving the NOS caught off guard. The one leading the defense, Cyrus, mentions this group was as strong as he heard.

Lukain meanwhile hears of their progression back in the city of Naobi, and suggests their Genesis Destroyer leave from his mission and immediately intercept.

To the small band's horror, he appears.

The menacing figure easily halts their offensive momentum and spreads a paralyzing panic in place of their tactics. A one-man army, Yamaorochi and his dreaded weapon Leviathan rips through people one by one, devouring them in serpentine and burning emerald-colored shadows, and all the while, he mockingly stated how boring his foes were. Even when the resistance's leaders tried to stand against him, they were tossed to the side like rag dolls by Leviathan's unholy chains. He loudly questions over their agonized cries to know where the Azure is. Though, not a single person in the heap of injured and deformed citizens or their mauled opponents answers.

Instead, Rachel Alucard appears, addressing him with rare surprise and calls him an abhorrent sort, wondering to herself if he's a possibility of the person she knew in the past. Yamaorochi then requests to know where the one who can bring him to the Azure is, and that he knows she's seen that power's existence in this world's Boundary. Soon Rachel's ally would call over communications, using the code name: Alimeta, to warn that Yamaorochi was radiating dangerous and unknown patterns from the Boundary, and suggests avoiding combat and retreating.

Yamaorochi had other plans and didn't intend to allow them that luxury. Announcing he'd kill her and dig through her mind until he got what he wanted, even if it meant peeling apart her very soul. The Vampire would not move and awaited the man's strike without fear.

When all seemed lost, however, a person intervenes and inserts themselves into the battle, deflecting Leviathan with a strange energy bursting across his hand and his Ars Evolutis. Yamaorochi angrily declared to know who the newcomer was that protected the Observer, to which he states his name is Seigan. Seigan offers a valiant display of power against their opponent but ultimately is unable to stop him either when a blow by Leviathan causes a corruption which he appeared to be very susceptible to, forcing Seigan to stop using his own Drive. Yamaorochi stated that while he was more interesting than the rest of the "maggots", heroic types annoyed him and he'd kill him first in that case.

Before he could land another blow, and to Yamaorochi's vexation, Cyrus delivers the Imperator's decree for both him and Yamaorochi to return to base, with the smelting having completed hours earlier. Prior to his departure, Cyrus asked the remaining Duodecim member to handle dealing with the rebellion, in shock they exclaimed it'd be suicide, but Cyrus declared it was an order. Dissatisfied, the Destroyer had no choice but to withdraw alongside the Sorairo member.

This action would allow the battered remnants of the resistance the opportunity to pull a victory over those in the NOS who remained, and successfully liberate Haniyasu, celebrating that same night.

The Rogue SectorsEdit

Within a block of the city Haniyasu, the criminals and mercenaries celebrate their victory over the NOS. Two of the members known as Shiranui and Yutoraki approaches Seigan and gives him personal gratitude while expressing curiosity toward his decision to help, to which he devulges that he doesn't want to see the world suffocated by an order that disrespects the powers which allowed it to exist.

Siegan would come up with the idea to continue their momentum, suggesting they strike while the NOS is still in shock by their loss. Warning them about the potential danger of the Nex Exitium weaponry, which they'd never been up against until meeting Yamaorochi.

Alimeta mentions that the NOS was on the hunt for power to refine their recent creation in the Boundary Management System, and spread its influence over the world, which Seigan already seems to have knowledge of. Rachel believes that Yamaorochi was seeking the Azure as a possible power source to such a design, and it'd be remiss to ignore as the Azure has been in a weakened state.

That same night, Rachel also reveals the only thing that could possibly oppose the System is another governing power like itself, which would mean designing a Unit that could bring the world and its Boundary back to a natural balance as well as keep the Azure in harmony. Ramela adds that the NOS System has not yet become capable of governing a supernatural power like that, so if they could regain control over the sources the system uses, it'd give them an advantage when creating said Unit.

Upon hearing their words and their plan, Seigan offers his aid in their cause against the NOS. The Observer accepts, believing his knowledge could be useful to them. Despite some initial reservations and suspicions to the newcomer, they all agree that they'd need to put their strength together in order to stand any chance against the NOS. It was in that moment the Rogue Sectors were born, the founders consisting of Seigan, Alimeta, Gale Wing XIII, Yutoraki, Ramela, and Ayathiro.

A Plan of AscensionEdit

The NOS heard of the Rogue Sectors victory, but the smelting in Haniyasu had given them a unit to materialize on their next AIP, even if it was incomplete. While the Research teams were busy with it, Lukain received reports that they'd recently lost a General, leaving that spot open. The Prime Primicerius suggested that Lukain battle the Rogue Sectors alongside Yamaorochi and their Arbitrator's Order, and earn the rest of the NOS' favor like he'd been doing, to continue getting people behind the idea of improving the Boundary Management System.

2346AD Liberation of KanayamaEdit