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Stage 02: The Beast Within

The Beast Within Logo
Stage (Season) Logo
Kana: 災害の起源:獣の中
Rōmaji: Saigai no Kigen: Kemono no Naka
Director(s): BlackRoseIXA
Collaborative Director(s): JYokai
Episodes: 25 episodes
Running Time: 1 hour per episode (40~60 pages)
Opening: TBA
Ending: TBA
Premiere Date: TBA
Previous Season: Stage 01: The Spark Before Ignition
Next Season: Stage 03: The Long-Awaited Reunion

Genesis Catastrophe Stage 02: The Beast Within (災害の起源:獣の中, Saigai no Kigen: Kemono no Naka) is the second Stage (or Season) of the Genesis Catastrophe story.


the revival of the king of death propagates the dying world;
while the many suffer down in the cesspits of a hellish existence

Scenarios (Episodes)Edit

Title Mid-Scenario Statement Scenario Number
??? TBA Scenario 26
??? TBA Scenario 27
??? TBA Scenario 28
??? TBA Scenario 29
??? TBA Scenario 30
??? TBA Scenario 31
??? TBA Scenario 32
??? TBA Scenario 33
??? TBA Scenario 34
??? TBA Scenario 35
??? TBA Scenario 36
??? TBA Scenario 37
??? TBA Scenario 38
??? TBA Scenario 39
??? TBA Scenario 40
??? TBA Scenario 41
??? TBA Scenario 42
??? TBA Scenario 43
??? TBA Scenario 44
??? TBA Scenario 45
??? TBA Scenario 46
??? TBA Scenario 47
??? TBA Scenario 48
??? TBA Scenario 49
??? TBA Scenario 50
  • Special: N/a

Sequences (Arcs)Edit

Sequence 03Edit

Sequence 04Edit

Sequence 05Edit




Main CastEdit

Novus Orbis LibrariumEdit

Harbinger SectionEdit


Minor CharactersEdit

Openings and EndingsEdit


  • Perceived Through a Single Blue Eye~Self-Actualization - Opening 03 (Scenario 27 through Scenario 38)


  • My Fault - Ending 03 (Scenario 26 through Scenario 38)

Related Plot TermsEdit


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