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Azure World

Used in: Genesis Catastrophe
Azure World is the second opening to Genesis Catastrophe. It is played from Scenario 16 to Scenario 24.


1:30 min SizeEdit

Opening Song 2

Azure World

Oh, so it begins, this world made of azure
Let yourself run loose, and spread out your wings!

In sleep, deep in your dreams
Finding yourself at the fringe of it all
Your mind is at ease, but your heart can't keep at peace
There's nothing to worry, at least not at all

Oh, worry, that's what you do all the time
Worry that all your friends will all die
There's nothing to do, just move forward
There's nothing any of us could do

You all repeat yourselves ad nauseum
All you're doing is going round and round and (round and round and)
`round you is a prison of destiny's making
Please spread your wings and break away

Oh, so beautiful, this world of azure
But a cancer grows ever so slowly at its center
Spreading within, it will cause of fracture
With no hope of ever finding shelter

Oh, how the azure world crumbles all around us
Let yourself run loose, and spread out your wings!

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