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Ending Song 1

Chikaradzuku (Revive)

The white sun blinds me in its gaze
I can only see the mistakes that drove me here
Without thought, I just look up at the sky
With the memories of what I’ve done sinking in...

I deserve to die for all I’ve done
The haphazard idiocy on my part...
Is simply unforgivable...

I don’t deserve such love and mercy
Just let me lay here, every part of my body bleeding
Maybe I’ll die, maybe I won’t cause trouble anymore...

But suddenly, I can hear your voice, calling out...
Demanding that I keep running...!
Despite my pain, I need to keep going...!
That I need to be revived from my depressed state...!

A burning mirage is all I have left of you...!
Like a fake image taunting me with its non-existence...!
But... If it’s an image of you...
I’ll get up