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Gale Wing XIII
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Birth Name: Gale 'Edward' Wing XIII
Alias: The Thirteenth Envoy
Title(s): Observer
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: ??? (approx. centuries old)
Date of Birth: ???
Died: ???
Birthplace: ???
Height: 6'2" ft
Weight: 140 lbs
Blood type: O
Weapon: · Golden Azure - Azure Bracelet
· Intervention Tool - Single Decider: Envoy
Rank: A
Personal Status
Relatives: · Unnamed wife
· Gale Wing XIV (older son)
· Ark Wing (younger son)
Education: ???
Status: Deceased (CTS)
Active (R0 & GD)
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: ???
Simple Move List
Timeline(s): EvoBlaze Timeline
Anime(s): · R0: Embryo Sequence
· GD: Irregularity Sequence
Gale Wing XIII is an observer who comes from the Wing Family, a family who have been chosen to observe the world in order to record history as it happens, for the sake of preserving it for generations to come. He is set to appear in Reality 0: Embryo Sequence.


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Gale XIII is a laid back individual, having been molded by centuries of experience as an Envoy to the gods. In current, relatively peaceful times, he doesn't need to over exert himself as much as in the past. This extends to how he interacts with people, treating them on friendly terms, even with enemies (seeing diplomacy as his first resort when a battle seems to be rearing its ugly head). However, having an intimate knowledge of how people are, he's quick to act when it seems things are about to turn south.


Gale XIII has a pair of grey eyes, which is mostly a side effect of the Golden Azure inside his body. His long, white hair, is tied up with a couple of sticks (into the shape of a narrow bun). His hair in the front is a side bang, pointed to his right side (which reaches to about his jaw), with a part separating it with the rest of it. He stands at about 189 centimeters (six feet and two inches), with an overall slender and thin body.

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