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EvoBlaze (エボブレーズ EboBureizu) is an alternate universe spawned from BlazBlue and has its own timeline and characters while taking place in a world similar to BlazBlue's own using existing elements of Canon but twisting them in a different direction while using completely new elements as well.

It is a collaborative series taking inspiration and spun off of BlazBlue to make its own alternate reality spurred off the failure to defeat the original control mechanism that upholds order, the NOL.

Major TermsEdit

Terms in EvoBlaze that are actively used and built upon for the storyline.

  • Seithr
  • Seithr Poisoning 
  • Magic
  • Sorcery
  • Alchemy
  • Soul
  • Embryo
  • Azure
  • Grimoire
  • Ars Armagus
  • Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon
  • The Boundary
  • Amanohokosaka Clan
  • Observer
  • Cauldron
  • Sankishin and Original Units 
  • Black Beast
  • Phenomenon Intervention
  • Chronophantasma (Those who should not be)
  • Chronophantasma (Phantoms of Time)
  • Seithr Fluid Body Theory
  • The Gate of the Gods/Azure

Referenced TermsEdit

Minor Terms of the canon universe that are used but don't have pages for the EvoBlaze influences and instead served as references.

  • Takamagahara System - Was used as a reference and basis for the NOS's current System to maintain the Boundary.
  • NOL - Became the Novus Orbis Sequentia.
  • Sector 7 - Is part of the Rogue Sector, namely, the Union Committee.
  • Ishana - Became Magister's Capital: Ishana.
  • Agency (of both BE and XBlaze Worlds) - Exists in the form of the Izanagi Agency. 
  • The Ten Sages - Exist in the form of the Ten Saints in Reality 0.
  • Ars Magus - The first stage of development that served to pave the way for Ars Armagus and EvoBlaze's other weapons.
  • Boundary Interface Prime Field - The predecessor to the Azure Interface Primefield.
  • Origin of the Grimoire - Still exists in some form and partly with EvoBlaze's Beast. 

Changes to Canon UniverseEdit

EvoBlaze is a single world and universe existing within the Boundary, that spawned from the origin of the BB world, and is something of a hypothetical existence that came to be. Its canon is a bit different from the BlazBlue world. 

Core Ideas  

  • BlazBlue world was changed after Doomsday, EvoBlaze world was modeled after the BlazBlue world, hence, why the NOS evolved and the cities stayed the same. 
  • Not all BB-canon souls survived. 
  • Takamagahara served as a template for the NOS's system they worked on. 
  • Amaterasu isn't the only observer of the world, as its power is weakened in this universe to allow mankind to shape their own world beginning with Reality 0. 
  • There are other gods, and units that reflect them. The Boundary is a stronger influence in EvoBlaze due to humanity embracing it further. 
  • Seithr Program was altered due to the Master Unit not maintaining it solely and mankind found its source. 
  • Sequences are merely observations of the individual's fate and choices itself, instead of the world, and mirror Takamagahara's idea. 
  • The Cauldrons were reprogramed to not lead to other universes and were cut off from doing so. This is to avoid multiple dimensions but their Gates can still lead to other Timelines/Sequence possibilities. 

Other Worlds/Canon

  • Bloodedge Experience world was destroyed by the Black Beast in the middle of its hypothetical existence, rendering it null. Naoto, it's intended protagonist, still exists in some form. 
  • XBlaze world was destroyed by the Takamikazuchi (due to it not being exclusively connected to the Boundary it could still be sent into their world come the EvoBlaze world's birth), rendering it null. Es, was the only survivor while Touya contributed to the Black Beast with his Grimoire. 
  • Remix Heart never happened, it doesn't influence the story currently. (This may change in the future if canon deems it absolutely necessary, but nothing needs to exist currently for it to HAVE to be used.)  


Stories in their respective orders.

Control SequenceEdit

Main Storyline

  • Control Sequence - The Main Series of EvoBlaze.
  • Purity and Sin - The first Verse (Season) of Control Sequence.
  • Primordial Awakenings - The Second Verse (Season) of Control Sequence.
  • Destroyers of Truth - The Third Verse (Season) of Control Sequence
  • Eternal Calamities - The Fourth Verse (Season) of Control Sequence
  • Architects of Desire - The Fifth Verse of Control Sequence
  • ChronoNightmare - The Sixth Verse of Control Sequence


Genesis DestructionEdit

Reality 0Edit


In-depth Chronologies of the series.



  • EvoBlaze is Nex's and the protagonists connected to it story line, in similarity to the story of Ragna the Bloodedge being called BlazBlue.


Control Sequence (Main Series)
Verse 1: Purity and SinVerse 2: Primordial AwakeningsVerse 2ex.: Sinful InnovationsVerse 3: Destroyers of TruthVerse 4: Forsaken CyclesVerse 5: Architects of CalamityVerse 6: Terminal TruthsEnd Verse: Chrono Nightmare
Other Stories
Control Sequence OriginsControl Sequence: T-Teach me Nex!Azure 0: Rebellion SequenceAlternate Sequence
Reality 0 (Creation of the System)
Reality 0: Embryo Sequence • Arbitor Sequence •
Genesis Destruction (Third War of Ars Magus)
Genesis Destruction: Irregularity SequenceGenesis Destruction: Crisis Sequence

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