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Drives are abilities manifested from the Soul representing its power, and are granted by the Azure. In Control Sequence, they work nearly identically to the past world.


They work in a near identical manner as the past, but in Control Sequence it's possible for Drives to be altered via the Soul somehow to manually bring a soul closer to the Azure's patterns, though this isn't known how, it can result in a corrupt or altered drive. Drives become more powerful the closer a soul comes to the Azure's and its original strength in Control Sequence.

The stronger the Azure Remains in an individual within the world, determines the strength of their drive. Not all characters in the cast have Drive, some have abilities. Small remains of the Azure are left behind after Drive use but due to the world of Control Sequence, they are immediately compromised from the atmosphere and returned someplace.

Corrupt DriveEdit

Overwhelming in their power, but it will eventually devour the user until there is nothing left due to an incompatibility in the gene type within human beings. They occur several ways and almost always end in the user's death: 

  • An Altered Drive fails to manifest or goes insane.

Only an Azure Sin Subject can use them or one who holds a Norai Stigma. Corrupt Drive has a lasting effect on the soul of the one who uses it, and is said to effect one beyond even death. 

Altered DriveEdit

Altered Drives are an advanced class of Drives obtained by means of alteration and enhancements on the Soul itself and its 'genes'. Not a lot is understood about them, but they were studied in the time of Reality 0. It isn't fully understood how they are obtained, but Nex Exitium owners seem to always have the Altered Drive.

Typically Alter Drives require much Seithr and the direct energy of the Boundary from their wielders. A newly developed Altered Drive will typically collapse and become a Corrupt Drive instead unless the user's Soul can stabilize it.

Main DrivesEdit

Drive name Effect Owner
Soul Reaper Altered Drive. Uses powerful darkness of the Azure directly in his moves. Does significant damage to the soul and absorbs it to enhance his own attacks or heal in some cases. Keep causing damage or his attacks lose some of their power. It was derived from the Soul Harvester. Nex
Incendia Ruina Generates a magic-based azure flame from the Boundary which coats the sword and is used during specials or to enhance physical moves with the sword.  Siegfried
To be revealed. To be revealed. Myri Kukiyona
Divine Tempest Altered Drive. Shredding constructs of golden magic based winds which can blow enemies attacks away or be used for offense Legna Alucard
Azure Summoner Uses the small bits of his Azure remains to concentrate into his blades and make a powerful positive flow in his body. It is closer to an Ability rather then Drive. Reiga Sorairo
Sword Summoner Delta Summons blades to attack the enemy from digitized azure voids. Akari "δ Four"
Crystal Wolf Altered Drive. Uses his cryokinesis to conjure constructs made of ice to aid him in battle, ranging from simple formations (spikes) to more complex ones (ice clones). Kiryos Hikamigawa
Radiant Phantom Fast moving strikes with the in a constant flow while coated in an aura. Komyo Amatera
Dark Cell Altered Drive. Lightning based magic utilized from the Seithr in his body. Collects into sparking black masses from his foes decayed flesh and blood, that are called cells he uses for fueling the Apollexon's and his own attacks. Cells stack. Sylar
E.Breaker Elemental attacks of artificial energy which influence each strike, improves close combat. Mujihi Mazio
Burning Leo Fire magic-based charging strikes with powerful claws, switch direction in an ignited blur. Byakai Torayuki
Uindokatta (Untamed) Wind based attacks with her blade Miwa Suzuki
Iblisa/Lilethel Corrupt Drive: Gather powerful shots of Seithr with gunfire, then charges the foe's captured energy within the proto harvester for vicious unique moves with the Lilethel Valetha Deumos
Black Venom Using the trident, deliver Seithr poisoning in the form of a teal acid-like substance during special strikes which hampers the foe's strength slowly for a certain period of time. Gallus
Abyssal Midgard Altered Drive. Shroud in the energy of Ophius to absorb a strike and retaliate with a snake. Switches Ophius's form after use automatically. Serza
Scarlet Moon Altered Drive. Impossibly fast strikes of a crimson rapier that stun foes leaving weakpoints on them that improve his next strike. Fasado
Lock And Load Alters the weapon to suit the wielder's needs (minigun form for crowd control, sniper rifle form for long-ranged shots, shotgun form for close combat) Annael Youko Straiden
Leviathan (Nightmare Snake) Altered Drive. Vicious snakes from a fell magic that relentlessly bring him to strike after strike with the chain/blade in a combo system. Combo begins when Leviathan's chain makes contact, shrouding him in a aura to signify it.  Yami Akuhei
Void Weaver Utilizes Dark Magic of elements that on hit consume orbs of foe's energy, more orbs in stock make the move more powerful and even change its mass. It can be used for various enhancements at cost of damage, or strictly combat and a more risky style. Lukain Necaros
Arcane Weaver Landing a magic strike will stack up to use for a healing move or offensive strike, building the strength of future moves. Koyoto C Mercury
Clarity Summons Clarity for light magic attacks, amplifies Hiro's magic capabilities allowing him to use true magic from the Boundary. The sword will shift in color to signify strength, gold being its highest point. If he over exerts it the moves that need Clarity will be inaccessible leaving him with only normal moves for a time. Hiro Yokai
Black Detonator Corrupt Drive. Uses Seithr that has gathered on him over time and expels it off the body to make explosions on hit that devastate the enemy in close range combos or long range projectiles- but will inflict self-harm. Over time more Seithr gathers to empower his next move. Yokai
Lux Union Fuse the Scythe with captured energy drive moves, to reveal a devastating edge on the Scythe capable of trapping foes in its cold light. The new scythe-head will leave a 'aura trail' of frozen light that can catch opponents and immobilize them temporarily in bright crystal. The brighter the Scythe, the more energy its stored. Can stack. Lazarith
Bond Switch who is the leader and combine their prowess, uses a gauge that depletes with each move used. When not using combination moves it will form a protective barrier over the inactive member. Edmund Reinhardt and Selene
Cursed Sword Altered Drive. Seithr slowly gathers on her body in crimson particles consuming her mind. Uses them to summon small novas that will shoot a crimson blade toward the foe, or she can use it for certain special moves. She will become mindless at peak state and will engulf her petals in crimson where she's able to 'chase' opponents with her blades that home in on others. The state ends after all the scarlet Seithr has been released off her. Type X
Blood Edge Altered Drive. Shapes blood into various shapes to protect the user or to inflict damage upon the opponent, draining their blood in process. Arcius
Helel (Lightless Reaper) Altered Drive. Light reaping sickles damage the enemy from afar. N.Seven
  • Drives:

NPC DrivesEdit

Characters who have all displayed Drives but not been seen among the main cast in proper storyline.

Drive name Effect Owner
Cresilel Tracking 'fangs' latch and sink deep to enemies bodies, attaching many to the foe will slow them down, and open up a weak point until they explode with Seithr. Faulhier
 Amethyst Shadow Altered Drive. Coats himself in magic to feed his weapon the Boundary's power, then strikes expelling it around him in a gravitational afterimage slashes of violet Seithr that rends his foe. Heilo Vashtor
Drain Hitting a foe with any drive moves will take in some of the residue energy from the foe's magic/ars and empower the next special. Ke'ri
Raging Gale Altered Drive. Uses a gauge for the wind magic mixed with her physical strikes to add damage and bonus effects. Kazeyui
Lux Dei Gathers light around himself in several orbs that revolve around him, serving as a barrier that protects the user from damage, consuming one orb, and damages opponents when they get too close. Orbs can be manually launched as projectiles or used to empower certain moves. Abel
Gale Shot Fire arrows with the bow and then deliver stealth strikes, the uses the wind to shred enemies apart. Emiah
Duality An Altered Drive. Gain special properties depending on the form taken.
  • Yin: Darkness, drains health, higher power, high-risk and reward style. 'Limited' amount of time he can use it. 
  • Yang: Light, Faster mobility, projectiles, balanced style.
Infuser An Ability/Drive. Infuses himself with the energy of solidified Azure remains and takes on that trait from his genome, he only uses two forms of it which will alter his style of fighting and appearance. Can only maintain a different form until the gauge runs out, stronger moves consume more of the Infused gauge. Agnos
  • .


Abilities are inherited by genetic means, implantation, or sometimes both not necessarily a manifestation of the Soul's power.

Ability name Effect Owner
Soul Harvester A supposedly enhanced Soul Eater from the Original Grimoire and a spot within the Boundary. It transmutes other life into power, from key genetics of souls fusing it within a body to grant power over the Azure's most destructive properties. It is tapped into by Nex's Grimoire. Nex
Proto Harvester Imitation prototype to the Soul Harvester, they work in a similar way but are far less efficient then the Soul Harvester. Azure Sin Subject and certain weapons.
???: Soul Breaker
Soul Eater The Black Beast's power, which devoured souls into its body and made them Seithr. It was seen to be used by the Terumi Clan in the past world. Said to be sealed away due to a large issue. Black Beast 
Blood Kain Sealed the Original Grimoire, and supposedly helps with Seithr creatures. It is a technique protected and sometimes utilized by the Amanohokosaka clan.

Ragna (Formerly) Amanohokosaka Clans (Currently)

Bloodedge An ability that allowed the control of blood. It is unknown what occurred to it, and its only belonged to a select few.

Origin Existence

Elemental - Earth The power to control the Earth around the user as he or she pleases. It is unknown how this ability manifested itself, as only one person has this ability. Yuega Tegi

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